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“Fully Accessible”

"Fully Accessible" Kai looks at this phrase and how bad it really is.

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April A-to-Z Challenge 2018

*dusts off keyboard* *blinks at screen* *remembers log in information* I made it here! Yes, after a long hiatus (again) I am back. Hopefully with the thing I need to return to the world of blogging. This month coming, I am re-doing the April A-to-Z Challenge and today is the day I reveal my theme!… Continue reading April A-to-Z Challenge 2018

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There Are More – TDoR 2017

cn: death, murder, discrimination, trans day rememberance, trans awareness week . . . I haven't posted in a while but this week feels appropriate to come back. We need to remember that there are more people who go uncounted this week, and in the figures this weekend.


There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Love

Why do people think we have to limit the love we have to give? Why can't people just love who they want as long as everyone is consenting? Today I discuss how I experience love.