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Intersex People

I am not intersex (to my knowledge, a lot of people don’t know unless extensive tests are carried out), and therefore this post will not be a long one because I don’t know a massive amount on the subject. Instead today I want to give some links to explain what it can mean.


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Holding On

When they first come out, a lot of people tend to get rid of old clothes, old memories, photos, the works. But the thing is that it isn’t needed, despite what the initial instinct says.


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When I first came out, finding like-minded people was important to me. I wanted to find people I could connect with, that knew what I was going through. I didn’t know anyone who was trans (to my knowledge), let alone non-binary, aside from one person online who I didn’t really speak to much. Even then all I knew was that he’d been homeless once and his family had kicked him out – not exactly the best start.

Finding groups really helped. Today I want to talk about some of the places I went to, and how they helped me.


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I have done many posts on non-binary identities, and I even did a post or two last year on the topic. Today though I want to talk about the fluidity of gender on its own. This doesn’t even necessarily have to be in relation to being non-binary, though it is a big part of it.

Life doesn’t stand still. It doesn’t stay the same. People don’t all stand still. People don’t stay the same. Why then do we assume gender does?


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I am an emotional human. I cry when I listen to sad songs. I listened to a whole album by Anthony Rapp the other day called Without You, which was about the musical RENT, and I bawled like a baby at the point where he was singing about his mum dying. I also get ridiculously happy at times and can’t stop laughing. I get inundated with infatuation for new beaus, and old ones. I am human. I get emotional.

Not because I am trans.


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Dead Naming – The Power Behind A Name

Dead naming is the moment you call someone who is trans or non-binary (or who has changed their names, in some cases) by the name they had assigned to them, often at birth. It is one of the worst ways of misgendering someone, especially when it is done intentionally.


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Cisnormative Society

I need to start this off by saying one thing. Cis is not an insult. Cis literally means same. Cisgender, therefore, means same gender. It simply means the opposite of trans. Calling someone a cis woman or cis man is much better than saying something like ‘real’ woman, or ‘real’ man, or worse, ‘biological woman’ or ‘biological man’ (have a look at my post yesterday on biology if you want to know why that is so wrong).

Cisnomativity refers to when everything is laid out simply for cis people, such as toilets being simply male and female. My article today is to talk about what it means to live in a cisnormative society, as someone who isn’t cis.


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Biological Arguments

Last year I did a post on XX and XY chromosomes, and I spoke about the harm that using the biological argument could do. Today I want to go into a bit more depth and link a few other articles that explain it a lot better than I.


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The Ally Cookie

Allies are great. They make you feel safe in your skin, like you don’t have to worry so much when around them based on your attributes (for the sake of this blog right now we will say gender). They are lovely (nine times out of ten).

But they aren’t deserving of a cookie.


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April A-Z Challenge, All About Gender!

I know this is a little late (okay, very late, as it begins tomorrow), but for this years’ April A-Z Challenge I am once again doing the theme of Gender! I hope not to repeat myself, however some terms may be common across both this year and last. I know it is a theme that does not often get done, so I figured it would be good to bring more knowledge around the subject to more people.

April A-Z theme reveal.png

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