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You Were Always On My Mind…


*blows dust off the keyboard*

Is this thing on?

*knocks screen*

Oh! There you are!

I have been a bit absent, haven’t I? Oops.

White cloud on a blue background with the words 'You Were Always On My Mind...' on the cloud

Thank you for coming back, my wonderful readers. I know it has been a long hiatus this time, and I know that I kind of left people in a bit of a rush, but things sort of happened that way!

Back in April I started a new job, actually around the time of my last post, and this just fell by the wayside. I had always intended to come back, though definitely a lot sooner than I actually did. After beginning the job, a lot of stuff happened, seemingly all at once.

Within the space of a month I had a lot of things going on, including both loss of money and, worse, loss of friends. 

I will be writing a separate post about it, but in the middle of May my friend Finn committed suicide. He was an amazing human being and I miss him dearly, I have wanted to write about it for a while, but that will come later. For now this post is more of an apology for my absence.

After Finn passed, another person I knew also passed away, actually within 48 hours, then a few days later Tyler lost all of his benefits. It was not a good period of time, and honestly I just threw myself into my new job. In one month I did nearly 20 hours of overtime on top of the full time contract, and also kept up with the majority of my voluntary commitments. 

Some good did come of May, I gained another partner! Panda is a lovely human who puts up with me now, and I am so lucky to have him. Then again in June, Kasey and I became official, another wonderful human being whom I am lucky to have!

Tyler and I are still going strong, we’ve both had a lot on our plates but we have pulled through. In fact, at the open mic night in July that Tyler hosted as a Trans Pride Brighton fundraiser, he proposed to me again! So another exciting thing that is happening is our wedding at some point in the next year and again half – once we can work out how to do it money wise! We’ve been engaged for a long time now and it is about time we said our vows. Both of my other two partners are so supportive and I love them all so much. I really am a lucky human.

So basically, a lot has happened! Both good and bad, it has all been a whirlwind. I wanted to blog, I really did, but it has just been too hectic. However rest assured that you, my dear readers, were always on my mind!

Stay tuned for more posts coming shortly! I’m back baby!


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