Useful Links

Help and Information

These sites/blog’s provide help all around the world to people both online and off. Here are just some links that I highly recommend.

Navigate Brighton

A support group in Brighton, Navigate meets once a month for structured meetings where trans-masculine folk can come along and discuss things relating to transition or just about their lives. They also meet once a month for social meetings where SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Families and Allies) can come along, these are a lot more relaxed and often are based in coffee shops or the like. All of these meetings aim to be accessible and as inclusive as possible!

Boxers and Binders: An FTM Story

Boxers and Binders is run by a fantastic transgender guy I am lucky enough to have come across online and now have as a friend on facebook! Tony Doubek helped me a lot in my transition through some of his posts and I certainly highly recommend his stuff. Tony doesn’t run it now though, so I can not vouch for the new bits.

Full Marriage Equality

This is a tumblr blog I came across a while ago that I absolutely love. It advocates for full marriage equality as the title states, but this is not in the way that it is publicised in the media. The writer advocates for every kind of marriage between consensual adults. This could be of any kind. Take a look!

Nerd Fitness

Fantastic website for fitness. Everything is themed in a geeky manner, looking at what Iron Man would do, how to crack the Matrix and every other geeky reference you can while doing the Angry Bird Workout! It’s fantastic and really well written. If you are wanting to improve your fitness, give it a look, I find it so helpful for myself.

Hudson’s FTM Resource Guide

Great resource with help for FTM or even trans masculine people. Helped me a lot. Very binary though just as a heads up.

Friends Blog’s

These are some of my favourite blog’s, particularly of those of my friends! Check them out.

Tyler Charles Austen

My partner Tyler’s blog. He writes about a mixture of things like myself. He’s a great guy (you know, else I wouldn’t be marrying him) and has some really interesting points of views on new topics. Have a look at some of his most recent posts. As a heads up some of his stuff is NSFW so please bare that in mind.

Adam Ward, Model

Adam is a close friend of mine and a fantastic new model. He has recently come into blogging to promote his brand and is really worth checking out. He is certainly someone to watch for as he will definitely go far!


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