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This is a strangely common question. More common than you’d think. It is also very controversial. Should the T be removed from the acronym? Or should it stay?


I have debated this many times in myself. Honestly for a long time I really wasn’t sure, but I think now I can see what I believe, at present anyway.

I think that the T should be alongside LGB, simply because we are all oppressed minorities. We all may have different struggles, but we are all from a similar background and similar fight. Trans is not a sexuality, but the Stonewall riots were started by a trans woman of colour and that began the movement that is around today.

A lot of the arguments say that they shouldn’t be involved because trans people aren’t gays or lesbians or bisexuals. I am sorry, but as a bisexual trans and non-binary person, I very much disagree. I, along with many other trans people, am not straight. However, trans people do not have to be anything but straight if that is how they are made to be. I am just saying that you should not use this as your argument.

As a general, I don’t really like the term LGBT as I feel it is not inclusive enough. Saying that, I also am not a fan of adding a star (*) or a plus symbol (+) to the term, as I feel it is just saying these are the most important, plus there are others. I really like the term GSM. This means Gender and Sexual Minorities. It is not without its flaws, as it doesn’t factor in romantic orientations, but I feel it is a lot better than LGBT/LGBT+/LGBT*.

I don’t really have much else to say on this topic. I just wanted to get my thoughts on the issue out there, and make it clear that I am okay with it being a part of LGBT, but I much prefer the term GSM.



What are your thoughts?

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