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Kai & Other Popular Names

My name is annoyingly common now. It wasn’t when I first came out, but now it really is.

I have been going by the name Kai since I was about 16, on and off. That is now nearly seven years. In that time, it has become much more popular and I know a lot of people called Kai now.


Names are a funny thing, each year there are ones that are super popular. We had so many Ben’s in my year group at school, there were loads of Sam’s too, of multiple genders. I know other years there were loads of Olivia’s, the list goes on. That’s ordinary babies being named, each year there are popular ones. It is no different in our community.

When I first heard the name Kai it was on a game show, Deal or No Deal, there was a guy on there with that name and I fell in love with it instantly. I’d never heard such a name before, and while it didn’t fit my birth year, I felt like it fit me.

There are loads of kids called Kai now, all around the same age, give or take a year or two, of how long ago I began using my name. Being in the community, there are a lot of common names though. I can’t explain how amusing it is at times to realise you’ve met yet another Charlie, or Sam, or Alex (no offense to any of my friends with those names, I find it funny in a good way).

Names are a funny thing, there are loads of common ones, and it works in the trans and non-binary community much the same as the cis world. If someone picks a name they like or that they have heard a lot and feel connected to, that is fantastic, but often it is because it is a common name of the year. Some people however, pick their names from other sources, such as the common names of their year, or names that were most common in their year of birth.

The way people pick their names always interests me. I feel a strong connection to my name, Kai, and the same with my middle name of Harrison. I chose these because I felt so strongly towards them, and that hasn’t changed. I know it is the same for a lot of people.

If you have ever changed your name, why did you pick it? What drew you to that name? If you haven’t, have you ever thought about a different one? If not, do you feel a connection to your name? Be it a birth name or chosen name. Let me know in the comments, I’d be really interested to hear if you’re happy to say.



2 thoughts on “Kai & Other Popular Names”

  1. It took me years to settle on a name, like probably roughly a decade, playing around with names in my head. During that time, the pressure I felt to find a name waxed and waned, since I wasn’t 100 percent sure about transition. I thought seriously about “Avery” for a while, partially because it seemed androgynous. I finally came around to Kameron, which is actually about as close as you can come to my birth name, Katherine. I finally legally changed it 6 months ago – it took a long time for me to get used to it and be sure. But now it just seems so natural!

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  2. The day for O is about how I chose the name Oliver!

    I really love my name, but it does infuriate me when people call me Oli when I’ve never asked to be called Oli. As I’m most definitely an Oliver and not an Oli.

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