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I am an emotional human. I cry when I listen to sad songs. I listened to a whole album by Anthony Rapp the other day called Without You, which was about the musical RENT, and I bawled like a baby at the point where he was singing about his mum dying. I also get ridiculously happy at times and can’t stop laughing. I get inundated with infatuation for new beaus, and old ones. I am human. I get emotional.

Not because I am trans.


I do find it very frustrating to be told that I am just over emotional. I get it a lot, because I stand up for trans and non-binary people. More than once I have been told that I am just too touchy, that I am not being realistic, that I can’t expect people to get it right. I get told that I need to think realistically as I am just too emotional.

No. It doesn’t work like that.

I am emotional, sure. But I am not too emotional because I am trans, or around trans stuff. I stand up for injustice, I make a point of saying that things are wrong when they are. That is not a crime. That is not to say I want to be a ‘special snowflake’, it doesn’t mean that I want to be seen as something special that needs to be protected above all else. It just means that I exist, as do my trans and non-binary siblings, and no matter who or where we are, we need to be protected like every other human on the planet.

Emotions are a natural human feature, not everyone experiences them the same way, but we all have them.

This is more of a rant than an educational post, I hope you will excuse the intermission in my posts for this, but I needed to get it out.

I am not overly emotional. I am just an emotional human, but no more than others. Being trans doesn’t affect that.



2 thoughts on “Emotional?”

  1. Sometimes people confuse passion for emotion. They are related, but different. My guess, not knowing you personally, is that you are passionate about trans and non binary rights as well as a lot of other things. That does not make you overly emotional necessarily. Besides, whose to say what over emotional is? Now we’re policing emotions too I guess.


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