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Biological Arguments

Last year I did a post on XX and XY chromosomes, and I spoke about the harm that using the biological argument could do. Today I want to go into a bit more depth and link a few other articles that explain it a lot better than I.


When faced with the arguments around gender, a lot of people fall back on the biological ones. The arguments around chromosomes, around genitals, or around hormones, all have major failings.


I covered these in my old post, but basically by using this argument you are not looking at it logically. Chromosomes are in our body make up, but most people don’t ever learn what their chromosomes are. It doesn’t factor in the slightest bit of diversity that comes with them. Chromosomes are not a valid argument.


Some people try to use this argument to say that trans people are the same as they were first assigned at birth. Well, this one is more than a little ridiculous. For one thing, hormones vary widely. I know personally I never had the ‘regular’ hormones of a woman, but they also weren’t the hormones of a man. I still had a portion of ‘female’ puberty. For another point, hormones can change. Are you trying to tell us that women going through the menopause are no longer women? No? Exactly. Arguments like this one feed into the idea of someone being ‘Trans enough’ too, with the idea that you must start hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to be the gender that you truly are.


Ohhhh boy. This argument. Because apparently, there is no variation at all in genitals.

Yes. Heavy sarcasm intended.

Genitals are the bits that they look at when they first assign you a gender at birth, and even then, it can be ambiguous. Many people have had surgery – occasionally without knowing it – at birth to get more ‘atypical’ genitals. How do they decide which they are going to do? They don’t test chromosomes for it. They don’t go through your hormones. They just decide which you are closest to and adjust accordingly.

These are just some examples, I know there are more. I know I haven’t covered everything. But can you see how ludicrous the idea of biology is as an argument for trans people not being valid. Check out this post here to learn a little more.

We exist. We are valid. Stop trying to erase that.



8 thoughts on “Biological Arguments”

  1. Why can’t people just accept others for whoever they want to be! It seems not only rude but completely stupid that if someone tells you, for example, they are a woman, that you would argue with them.


  2. I started reading your blog at C and got confused so went and read your “about me” and then your A post and now your B post – just trying to get my head around it all. Not sure I am an ally (after all you won’t give me a cookie) nor am I an enemy… I am … just getting my head around it …. have friends who are gay, met people who are trans, have a nephew who is bi and have a friend whose husband transitioned to a woman… so I’m learning. I don’t expect a cookie but admit to being a confused so think I had better read your bog as often as I can for April and learn what I can All the best


    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it was really encouraging. I hope my blog helps your understanding, please also feel free to ask me questions if you’d like, but please be aware that I will be honest if I feel a question goes too far. I went to uni and got enough questions there to ready myself to tell people where to go if I need to!

      If there is anything too that you’d like to see me blog about relating to gender, please also do let me know. I may already have it, or have it on the cards, and if not I am always up for recommendations!


  3. I was recently having a conversation with a co-worker who was struggling with explaining gender to his 3-year-old daughter whose aunt is trans (I don’t know if I am expressing that properly). Anyway, he’s lending me book for kids he found on explaining the concepts to children I’m looking forward to reading because I want to be ready to fairly respond when the questions come my way. I look forward to following you on the A to Z because I suspect this will also help.


    1. That is really good to hear. I hope it all goes well for your co-worker’s relative. There are a few good books actually for children. For adults though I’d really recommend further reading on sites such as everydayfeminism. They show some really good articles. I hope my posts help too! I look forward to seeing you around the blogsphere 🙂

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