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April A-Z Challenge, All About Gender!

I know this is a little late (okay, very late, as it begins tomorrow), but for this years’ April A-Z Challenge I am once again doing the theme of Gender! I hope not to repeat myself, however some terms may be common across both this year and last. I know it is a theme that does not often get done, so I figured it would be good to bring more knowledge around the subject to more people.

April A-Z theme reveal.png

I was going to post a full list of the topics I will be covering, but unfortunately it is a) not yet complete, and b) not with me at present! Instead may you know that my first post tomorrow (!) is going to be about Allies! As a lot of people taking part in the challenge may not be part of the trans or non-binary spectrum, I think it is important to bring people up to date about what this means and how it impacts others. Especially if you are using the term to describe yourself!

Don’t forget to check the glossary I made last year just in case there are any terms you are not familiar with, and feel free to ask for more clarification or for certain words to be added!

Please do check back tomorrow and read my first post, and wish me luck, as I haven’t blogged regularly for a while now. If you have any ideas for topics to cover, please leave them down in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge, All About Gender!”

  1. Hey Kai
    I’m also doing the A to Z challenge this year. Never done it before.
    It was actually reading your posts from last years that got me back into doing more regular blogging.
    Good luck for the challenge.

    Liked by 1 person

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