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Returning, An Update On My Life

I haven’t blogged since the 24th December last year. I know that was a while ago, and I had a lot of blogs planned and promised. But Christmas day, I went back to work after my long month off. Things kind of got crazy after that, and I felt I had no time to do much at all.


So what happened?

Being back at work was hard at first, though I must say that doing Christmas in the care home was lovely. It was a tough few weeks when I first got back, but I quickly got back in the swing of things. I still had a fair bit of pain in my nose the first few weeks too which made things harder, but I needed to go back as I couldn’t afford any more time off.

Unfortunately my mum was in hospital over the festive period, and only a few weeks ago did we actually celebrate our ‘Christmas Day’. Tyler and I had chance to go back to Crawley for the day after Mum had been home a short amount of time, and we got our wonderful presents then (they were so amazing, we got a coffee machine for one thing!). Plus it was just so good to actually see her doing better. As an update now, she has been out of hospital over a month now and she is getting there. My mum isn’t in perfect health, but she is doing so much better than before.

Tyler and I spent the festive time with a few friends which was good fun, we attended a few parties/get together’s and all in all made it a good time.

We also celebrated our anniversary on the 1st February! 4 years together. I am hoping to do a post all about it at some point but I can’t promise (it depends where things go).

The plan had been for Tyler to go and see his mum around Christmas/just after, but sadly things got in the way. One thing after another added up, then the plan became to go when we were less busy at the start of Feb (i.e. around now).

Then his letter came.

Yesterday, the 10th of February 2017, the day finally came that Tyler got the TItty Chop! He finally got top surgery! It was an amazing time, though tinged with a few hiccups. Unfortunately there were a lot of people who thought it was a good idea to call Tyler ‘miss’ ‘she’ ‘madam’ etc… even his notes were written wrong which obviously didn’t go down well. It was one of the reasons that – when we spoke to his surgeon (who was amazing) – she agreed that he was able to go back to the hotel rather than stay overnight in the ward.

Holy cow his chest looks phenomenal! I would love him to bits regardless of how it turned out, but wow. It looks so amazing, I think it looks better than mine right now! I am sure he will do his own blog post on the topic, but for now please enjoy the photo of him from when they changed his dressings, the photo that reduced so many people to tears including myself.

Image of Tyler after top surgery, looking so happy down at his chest.
Image of Tyler post top surgery, doesn’t he look so happy?

Plans from here?

Well, obviously I would like to continue blogging! I don’t know how frequent it will be this month and next, but in April I am planning to do the A-Z Challenge again. Fingers crossed that all goes well! In terms of that, I would really appreciate any ideas you may have for a theme or even topics. I have considered doing the gender theme again, but I am not sure if it is possible for me to do the same again (logistically I mean). I may branch out to LGBT/Queerness, but I am open to ideas, and definitely ideas for daily posts.

I also have another little project on the way right now. I am setting up another blog, title to be confirmed at present, with sex positive articles from a trans and non-binary perspective. For this I am looking to work as a collaboration with other people, be they new to blogging, an old hat, or just looking for a no strings attached, one night stand with blogging, the only requirement I’d ask is a relationship with the trans or non-binary identity. I am debating the possibility of posts from those who have trans or non-binary partners too, but I will put more feelers out at a later point. If you are interested in getting involved with this new project, send me a message or let me know any way you can. I’d love to hear from you!

I have a lot of things upcoming in my life in the next few months, so I don’t know how regular I am going to post, but hopefully it will be a bit more than once every couple of months!


What are your thoughts?

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