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Being Around Friends

‚ÄčI wrote a post the other day about Internet friends, but today is about those who I see in the flesh. I want to talk about the feeling of being around people that you know appreciate your presence. People who care for you, even if they don’t or can’t show it often. 

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I grew up with few friends. I went through school being bullied, even by those I hung out with, and I developed a deep depression and bad anxiety as a result. Things were not good. This was the case through the majority of my school career, and also in sixth form. 

When I left school, I didn’t see most of my so called ‘friends’ ever again. Neither of us bothered to make contact, and honestly I am glad. It was only once I left that I realised how poorly I had been treated. I was laughed at, I was a hindrance if someone had to sit next to me, I was annoying, I wasn’t wanted by them as I didn’t fit their mould. 

I reconnected with a few people who actually were decent to me, though none from the immediate friendship group, and I am really pleased about it. 

When I came down to Brighton, I actually had the first taste of real long term friendships. I met people who enjoyed having me around, who invited me places because they could, not because they felt obliged. I was invited over to their houses, even without Tyler who they’d been friends with for ages. 

I finally felt like I fit somewhere and it was an amazing experience to come across at 18, nearly 19 years old. 

I then went to university. I experienced much of the same sort of people I’d grown up with, on my course. But outside of that I made more friends. My best friend I met through quidditch, and I still speak to her nearly every day, even though we don’t see each other as often anymore. I actually feel wanted, and that is bloody amazing. 

Being around friends means a lot to me. Growing up in the way I did meant that being around friends wasn’t always a pleasant experience all the way through life. Now, I can be around friends and be myself. I am not checking what I am saying every five seconds, or being sure to shut up and not take part in the conversation. I feel included and that is so amazing.

This post is a shout out to all of my true friends. I wouldn’t be who I am or as confident as I am without all of you. So thank you for your friendship, it truly does mean the world to me. 

How do you feel about this post? Do you have people in your life that you feel the same way about? Let me know in the comments, or contact me through social media. I will always reply and I love doing so! See you tomorrow! 


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