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T To Top Surgery – A Guest Post

Tyler is doing me the favour of writing a blog post today! It is all about his transition, which definitely was not conventional. Take a read and go check out his blogImage of person wearing binder, text reads 'T To Top Surgery' website URL in the bottom right corner

Kai asked me to write a post about gender and obviously I agreed. It’s difficult though because obviously we both spend so much time with each other, I didn’t actually know what to write. That and if you have seen my blog, compared to Kai’s… *whispers* I’m a little more sweary there. 

Kai however suggested that I write about my transition and how it’s going. Well I can tell you that finally its going well and I should be getting top surgery in the next couple of months. Which I’m totally pumped for, but it’s been a very long time coming. 

I originally started on hormones in 2013 after coming out in 2012. I got hormones (first Sustanon, followed by Nebido) from Brighton’s endocrinology department after having an assessment with a psychiatrist. 

I was then referred to Charing Cross breast clinic TWICE. Both times I was told I could have it by the surgeon team, only to be rejected at the funding stage because the local areas said it was another teams issue and not theirs. Because of this, I was putting serious stress on my spine and ribs. 

I was redirected to Charing Cross gender clinic during this time to sort out my funding issue and early 2016 I managed to see one of the Drs. He sorted everything out and put me forward for a lower surgery consultation which I had in July. I am awaiting another consultation.

There was a paper work issue (surgeons name was spelt wrong) and I went for another appointment with Charing Cross. The issue finally got resolved when I went down to the breast clinic and I got my final consultation for top surgery this month. I will be getting it in the next couple of months.

So that’s it. I took a different route to a lot of people, and its been difficult but it’s finally happening and I couldn’t be happier.


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