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Internet Friends Aren’t Real! 

Stranger danger! 

I remember having this drummed into me as a child and not even being allowed next to the fence at primary school for fear of a stranger interacting with us. Yet, when the Internet came into my life, I freely spoke with strangers in all different manners, and began to make friends on the other side of the screen that I’d never actually met, and in some cases likely never will.Image of white paper dolls holding hands with yellow background. Text reads

I have now met a lot of people from the Internet in different capacities. Quite honestly, my friends online are those I’d say were closest to me. 

There is something different about meeting people online to meeting in person, the fact there is less awkwardness about talking (for me anyway) and I find I learn a lot more about the people and they me, as I find it easier to type things than speak them. 

Another plus of Internet friends is that they are usually found through common interests. They aren’t just shoved in the same classroom or lecture hall or office as you, they have a genuine interest in something to interact. You may be in the same Facebook group, or on the same website or forum, anything really, but there is already some common ground established, something to speak about. I met a lot of friends through a website called Potters World, which is a play by post role play site. I am not on there any more but I was involved for four years. I met loads of people and they all had an interest in Harry Potter, or role play. I left the site nearly four years ago now, when I moved to Brighton and had no WiFi, but I still interact with the friends I made way back when. 

Now I am in some big Facebook groups and I’ve made so many friends through these, even an international relationship at one point! The plus of this is the main group is quite general, but there are lots of off-shoot side groups, which allow you to talk about specific interests. It really helps with meeting people and I am meeting a lot more lately with more groups! 

I completely disagree with what some people say, internet friends are definitely real friends, just different sorts in some cases. I think internet friends are perfectly valid, and I am happy to say this to anyone I interact with. 

So tell me, have you met friends online? How? What do you think about online friendships and even relationships? Let me know in the comments or contact me on social media. I will always reply! 


2 thoughts on “Internet Friends Aren’t Real! ”

  1. I agree with you. Internet friends are definitely real friends. I have made several really close friendships through my blog and a Facebook group I’m in and they are very important people in my life. I have met one in real life and probably will meet another at some point. I also met my partner of 19 years on AOL back in the late 90s, so, yeah, it’s not a bad way to meet people with the same interests as ourselves. Of course, you have to be careful because not everyone is as they put themselves out there, but if you talk to someone long enough and get to know them well, eventually any trickery comes to light. Just be careful with how much personal information you share until you’re 100% sure someone is safe.


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