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Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, I got given some bad news and it isn’t a particularly good time right now. To make up for it, I am going to do two posts today, one from myself and one from my wonderful partner Tyler, from Tyler Charles Austen

Today’s post is all about dating! In particular, I want to give you some date ideas. I want to be clear that this is from my point of view, and likely rather centric to where I live. However a lot of them can be translated over to other places, you’ll just have to give it a think. 

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I want to make this a little easier, and as I know not everyone is flush with cash (I know I’m not), I am sorting these ideas into price. Some of them will overlap areas, so will be in multiple groups. This is intentional, as it all depends how much you put into it. 


Dates needn’t be expensive, I see it a lot that people want to spend loads on a date, which is lovely, but not always possible. The first ideas I want to give you are free ideas. 

  • Board games night – this needn’t cost a thing, take a few board games to theirs, or they come to yours, and have some fun! I personally would not recommend monopoly though, nobody wants to fall out over a board game! 
  • Pokémon Go/Ingress walk – I actually have done this and it is a pretty cool date. If you are on different teams you may want to agree not to take gyms/portals, or you could add it to the competitive nature! 
  • Picnic – you can easily do this with the things you already have in your cupboard! Find a nice spot and take them, wine and dine them, you’d be surprised how fun a picnic can be. Of course, if the weather plays up, you could always make it an indoor event which can be just as fun!  
  • Concert – there are loads of free concerts to go to in cities, sometimes in rural areas too, take a look around on Facebook and do a quick Google search, I am sure you could find something. 
  • Theatre – same as with above. There are often amateur pieces you can go to for free. Even if it is awful, it gives you a shared experience to talk about. 
  • Coffee date – make yourself a nice coffee at home, perhaps in a thermos flask, and go on a walk, or perhaps sit in a park! If it is a cold day it won’t nessisarily be impossible, if you’re comfortable to, you can use it as a chance to snuggle up together! 
  • Scavenger hunt or Geocaching – this could be great fun! You could either get someone else to put things down, or put things down yourself and get your date to find them with you beside them. 
  • Zoo/Animal centre – There aren’t a lot that are free, but there are definitely some. Do a quick search and see what you can find, or ask around on Facebook for ideas! 
  • Museum – these are really fun to go to, and it is really good if you can get to one that has a timed exhibition on, they’re usually really interesting. 
  • Skype – pretty self explanatory really, all you need is Internet and a device to use it on. 
  • Film night at home/someone’s home – easy enough, use a film one of you already have, plus then there are no limits as to how many of you are on the date, except for room on the sofa! 
  • Outdoor cinema – these are great, grab a blanket or some camp chairs, find a spot, and enjoy the film! 
  • City tour – these are fantastic, especially if it is an area one of you knows well. You can show the other person the little quirky places, for example in Brighton you could show your favourite shops and coffee places down the lanes. 
  • Countryside tour – similar to the city tour, but just as fun for either would be just wandering and getting lost then trying to get back. This can be an adventure on its own. 

Low Cost

If you have a small amount you’d like to spend, how about trying one of these ideas? I’d class low cost as under £10.

  • Board games night – if you want to step it up a notch, why don’t you go to a local charity shop and buy a new game neither of you have played? You can find some real gems in shops, or even jumble or carboot sale’s! They shouldn’t cost you too much and it can be endless fun.  
  • Penny arcade – these are brilliant. Take a few quid, convert it into change, and spend it on the machines. I have also done this for me date and it was brilliant. We went to the pier and played on the penny machines and got some little toys. Great little momentos. 
  • Mini golf – you’re more likely to be able to do this in the summer if you go for an outdoor one, but those indoor do exist too. They’re brilliant, puts a little competition in, and hilarious seeing the different models they use. 
  • Picnic – This one fits into all four categories, for the low cost, just going out and buying some stuff! Even tesco value stuff works well, especially if you make the bits in advance. 
  • Three course dinner in three places – I saw this online and loved it! Still not done it myself but I need to some time. The idea is you go to one place for the starter, another for the mains, and another for the desert. I think it is such a good idea, and definitely flexible price wise!  
  • Concert – there can be cheap ones you can go to, especially less established musicians and bands. Well worth a search around, you may find your new favourite group! 
  • Theatre – cheap tickets are easy to come by to local shows, keep a keen eye and subscribe to the local theatre if they do a newsletter. 
  • Coffee date – buy coffee and go and explore the sights! Or even sit down in a park, or just stay in the shop. It’s really flexible. 
  • Scavenger hunt/Geocaching – to step it up you can pay to take part in events and join a team. It can be a great laugh! 
  • Zoo/Animal Centre – finding a nice place to go and see the animals is fab. If you know your dates favourite animal(s), try and find a place that has them. They will love it. 
  • Museum – some of these are really interesting. They fit into every category as the exhibitions really vary in price. I shan’t give an explanation past this one for that reason! 
  • Carnival – these generally don’t cost much, a fun day out where you can go on rides, try and shoot the target, and just have a laugh. 
  • Cinema – go watch a film! To be low cost it would probably have to be at an independent cinema, but if you just get tickets you should be fine price wise. 
  • Film night at home/someone’s home – why not rent a film? Digitally or hard copy, or even using a subscription service like Netflix. Find something you’ll both/all enjoy! 
  • City tour – why not turn it into a guide of the coffee shops in the city? Make it a plan to stop off during the day at different ones. 
  • Countryside tour – same as above, have some pit stops, even perhaps a nice country pub for a meal. 
  • Ghost walk – these normally don’t cost too much, and they’re good fun. See if you have a ghost walk anywhere nearby, stick on your wooly hat and hold hands as you see the paranormal goings on. 

Medium Cost

These ideas have a bit more cash behind them, but they won’t break the bank for everyone, most of these are repeats but it is worth bearing in mind that they can be done with more or less cash available. I’d say medium range would be between £11 and £25.

  • Lazer tag – this is certainly a good one, though I’ve not done it as a date myself. It is so fun. For those that don’t know, it is basically like painballing, but done with lazers in the dark. It is also a lot shorter, and potentially cheaper! 
  • Bowling – they finally allow you to wear your own shoes! I enjoy bowling all the more now I am not wearing shoes that have been worn ten million times already. It can add a bit of competition to a date, and is good with a couple or a triad or any other style of relationship. Even double dates! 
  • Pokémon Go day – this is different to a normal Pokémon date I mentioned earlier, this refers to things such as coach trips with expert trainers, I know Brighton and Hove bus company has done it, and there was even one abroad a little while ago. Keep an eye out for them! 
  • Board games night – For this, I am referring to ones like going to board game cafes! They are meant to be great fun and I think they’d be a perfect place for a geeky date. 
  • Mini golf – These really vary in price, hence this being included multiple times. 
  • Picnic – why not get some fancier food? Maybe finest, and make a real treat of it! 
  • Three course dinner in three places – go fancier! Spend a little more on it, with the same premise. 
  • Concert – Mid price tickets may be avaliable on the day for big shows, but you’d need to be happy to risk it! 
  • Theatre – same as with concerts, it would be a case of buying on the day. 
  • Zoo/Animal Centre – The more you’d like to see, the more you’ll pay more often than not. 
  • Museum 
  • Carnival 
  • Cinema 
  • Film night at home/at someone’s home – Go buy a film! See what you like! 
  • City tour – get a tour guide, see what they can show you! 
  • Countryside tour – same as city tour. 
  • History tour – Find an expert and look for talks! 
  • Ghost walk
  • Ice Skating – great fun! But check if they are happy to do it first. 

High Cost 

These ideas are the priciest on the list. These are for perhaps special occasions, but don’t ever feel like you have to spend so much on a date. Someone worthwhile will not judge you based on how much you spend. I’d class high cost dates as £25+. 

  • Picnic – now you go all out and buy a handmade picnic hamper. Rent a patch of land, go all fancy for them! 
  • Three courses in three places – Top tier restaurants, maybe rate them against each other? 
  • Fancy dinner at top restaurant – Stick to one venue. How about somewhere super pricey like the Shard in London? See what you can find. May be a little intimidating for a first date though, so know the person/people who you are taking out! 
  • Concert – Get tickets to their favourite performers! Especially if they are ones you share. 
  • Theatre – Find a show on the West End, or just a top tier show. Go and enjoy it! 
  • Zoo/Animal centre
  • Museum 
  • Carnival 
  • Cinema 
  • History tour
  • City tour
  • Countryside tour

Is there anything you feel is missing from this list? What do you like to do on dates? Is there anything here you’d not thought about before? Let me know in the comments, or get in contact through social media. I will always respond! 


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