Exploring Wicca

‚ÄčIn my very first post on here, I mentioned that I wanted to talk about exploring my spirituality. I haven’t really done that in the two years I’ve had this blog, so I’d like to actually begin to talk about it, as until recently it has taken a bit of a back burner in my life. Image background of tree bark, with black pentagram on top. Text reads

I didn’t really go into much detail (about pretty much anything) on my first blog post, and that was because I didn’t know where I was going. In the past year or so, I’ve begun to more seriously research Wicca and what it means to be Wiccan. I have brought books on the subject, begun reading, I have joined Facebook groups and generally been looking into it all a bit more. 

I have always identified as agnostic. This means I have always been on the fence about religion. I didn’t really know how I felt, or rather what I believed in, other than I believed in something. I first heard about Paganism through the census, and I remember being curious but not really asking what it meant. It wasn’t a religion that I was ever taught about at school and it never came up in mainstream media that I saw. It was when I moved down to Brighton that I heard of it more. 

I remember a friend saying that they were Pagan, and I wasn’t sure if they were serious. Then over the years that followed I found more and more people who identified with varying forms of it. 

Myself, I feel drawn towards Wicca, I think this is because I have always felt an affinity with the spiritual world, and I always get a strong pull from things such as gem stones and I do believe that putting things out to the world is a good way of getting the things you genuinely need (note need, not just want). The more I have researched it, the more it has felt like home. 

One thing I love from Paganism is that it is a lot more Queer friendly than other secular religions. You are not shunned for being Queer in any way, shape or form, rather, you are welcomed. A good friend of mine has actually written a book on the topic, one I own, called Queer Paganism, which you can buy on Amazon. The inclusion I find just pulls me in even more. 

As I said. I am still pretty new to the whole thing. I am still searching for my path and always happy to receive support in any way from anyone who’d like to offer it. I don’t know right now if I want to join a coven, or practice solitary. I have a brand new notebook that I brought expressly with the intent of using to write down the things I have learnt, perhaps as a Book of Shadows, and I am constantly looking for more information.

I know today’s post hasn’t been too detailed, but I guess more than anything it is an update on where I am in life. I am always grateful for feedback, or support, and I am always up for chatting!

Tomorrow I am writing about the crossover between femininity and my gender identity. As always, you can leave me a comment or contact me via the blog or social media. 


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