Ten Things of Thankful

Gratitude Knows No Bounds

I haven’t done one of these in a fair while, I really enjoy doing a Ten Things of Thankful post but until recently I just haven’t been in the blogging mindset. However, with my Bullet Journal, I have felt more able to note down 3 things I am grateful for every day, and from that I can pick things out for this! I only plan to take part every fortnight for now, as I have a lot of other things planned to blog about, but I hope you enjoy it just the same! 

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One thing I am really grateful for this week is being able to blog. Having the space to let my voice be heard is fantastic and this week I’ve had a good amount of views and it has really made me happy. I forget how much I love getting views as it makes me feel like people actually care about what I have to say. 

I am also really thankful this week that I have such wonderful people in my life. These people bring me so much joy and fulfillment, friends and partners alike. So thank you all.

Something else I am really grateful for is small children. In particular friends daughter Miaya. She’s so lovely and has a mad love for me. Wednesday we saw Ish and Miaya and I played with her for ages, plus we get to see them again for Burning of the Clocks on the 21st!

Speaking of Ish, I am so thankful for her taking my gel nails virginity! I had never had my nails done with gel polish before so it was great, and I am loving it! They are so much better than regular nail polish. 

I had surgery! Those that haven’t been following or haven’t seen my updates, I finally had my septoplasty done. I am slowly being able to breathe again, which feels great! Albeit a fair bit painful still two weeks later. 

I have also been lucky lately and had a lot of rest. I mean, I haven’t really had much choice in the matter, but it has been nice. I have done more than I should have, but I am also resting. 

One of the reasons I got to rest was because my wonderful mum was looking after me for a week post op. She kept me occupied and I didn’t go insane so all good! 

Along with my mum, since then Tyler has been an absolute star and looked after me. So I am so grateful for that. 

Today we are at a meeting for LGBT Geeks and they actually did a lucky dip which was brilliant and we got loads of bits for people as well as ourselves, so thank you Jackie for setting that up. 

Finally I am very thankful to you for reading my blog. I said before that I haven’t been very active of late and I am just so grateful that I have you here reading what I’ve written. Thank you all. 

If you haven’t seen the Ten Things of Thankful linkup before, you should go and check out the other wonderful people taking part. It is a lovely group and great writers. 

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Check out this wonderful link up!

Tomorrow I actually am home all day (thank goodness) relaxing, and I am going to be writing a post about my exploration into Wicca and how I am finding it. It may not be a long post as I am still quite new to it all, but I hope you find it interesting. See you then! 


1 thought on “Gratitude Knows No Bounds”

  1. Hope your recovery is speedy! I’m intrigued by the Burning of the Clocks–is that some English tradition I (obviously) know nothing about?


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