The Modern Mann 

I have recently got really into podcasts. It has helped reignite my passion for blogging and it is why you’ve been seeing my blog a bit more frequently! I decided to say thank you I would do a review of the podcasts I listen to often. First comes in the form of a review of the Modern Mann, with Olly Mann hosting, alongside Ollie Peart and Alix Fox, and a special guest every episode for an interview!

Photo of person holding a red board. Text reads 'The Modern Mann: My Review' with blog URL in the bottom right corner.

I fell in love with this podcast a year or so ago when a friend of mine suggested one of the podcasts. It was episode 10 of the first series and the interview was with a man called Shaun Attwood. This was a guy who spent time in a maximum security prison in America. Coincidentally it was also a man I had already met in my life. 

Before you worry, he’s a good guy now. He served his time and now goes around schools and events and gives talks about it all. I actually had him visit my school when I was younger and I got to talk to him a lot and even got to wear the sexy orange jumpsuit as I was the tallest person there. 

I already knew his story partially, but listening to his time on Olly’s podcast it was a real eye opener. He spoke a lot more openly and definitely not in child terms. I instantly wanted to listen to more of the shows! 

Which I did. I then listened to all of the first series and waited patiently for the next to come out. Only, I fell away from listening to them and next thing you know I came back and found out the third series was already half way through! 

It was one of the first ones I listened to, and now I am fully caught up on that and other shows (which I’ll go into on other posts) I am waiting every Tuesday for it to release! 

What do I love? 

The Modern Mann is funny, it is interesting, the things that are spoken about are quirky.

I also absolutely adore Alix Fox’s section towards the end where she really reads out sex related questions from a listener and answers them brilliantly. She is really well versed on the topic and has a lot of local knowledge, best places to buy, what to get, what people like. Plus another major plus of her segment is the fact that Alix will pull people up for using incorrect terminology. She will fight for equal treatment and uses the right terms for things but is always delicate as to include everyone. It makes me feel more normal for sure, not listening to something sex related that doesn’t really apply to me at all in this body. 

Anything I don’t like? 

No, not really. I mean there is a section at the end where they showcase a song but I will be honest and say I often zone out at this point and don’t hear who things are by. They sound like great pieces and I listen absent-minded, but honestly by that point I am usually thinking about something discussed on the episode. 

There is only one complaint I have and that is that it costs money to do great podcasts like this and because of that they are not able to have an all year round podcast! It is a shame I can’t regularly donate beer money, but I will definitely try when I can. 

Anything else? 

I just want to say how much I love the show. I think everyone should check it out, I find it so good. There are some really interesting interviews on there and even more still to come. Don’t be put off! 

If you want to know more about them, check out http://www.themodernmann.co.uk or you can also find them on Twitter @TheModernMann. You can find all of the podcasts on the website, plus on any good podcast app (I use PodcastAddict and have had no issues!). 

Logo from The Modern Mann podcast. Red circle on outside, yellow text 'The Modern' and white text in the middle reads 'Mann'
The wonderful logo from the show, The Modern Mann. Credit to the original artist, I have included this so you know what to look for!

So tell me, have you ever listened to The Modern Mann? If so let me know! Or better yet, do you have any good podcasts for me to listen to? Do you host a podcast of your own? I will be reviewing more on here too coming up so shout out things for me to listen to. 

As always you can leave me a comment, message me through here, or find me on social media. I am on most platforms @KaisLifeInWords or just Kai’s Life in Words. I will always reply! 


What are your thoughts?

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