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My Bullet Journal (Part 2)

Okay hopefully this post shan’t be quite as long as the last BuJo post, but I hope it will be just as enjoyable/helpful to read! Today I am going to discuss collections in my journal, what sort of things I write in there and how I use it to make things best for me. If you haven’t read part one, please go check it out as I will not be recovering the basics here. 

Lined paper image with wording 'Life Hacks', 'My Bullet Journal', '(Part 2)', and the blog URL in the bottom right corner.

One of the first things I actually did was a date ideas spread. This is actually one of my most basic. I simply wrote down a header, and a long list of different ideas of things to do on dates. I then put a little key next to them of how expensive they are. 

  • £ (with a strike through it) free
  • £ low cost
  • ££ medium cost
  • £££ high cost

This allows me at a glance to see different ideas for dates I could go on with partners, it has come in rather handy, especially when looking for something low cost! For some I have multiple symbols, as they could be different costs depending on the method of doing them (i.e. I could do a really basic picnic with tesco value food or a high end picnic with a shop brought hamper, champagne and all the trimmings). 

Split image. Both with date ideas written on them, the one on the right has price guides as described above next to each idea.
Here are my old and new date ideas spreads. One in my old journal and one in the new. I love this spread!

Another two spreads I have done for a few months are a memories page and an expenses/budget page. Both of these are fresh each month (though I am trying something different for December). For the memories page I just draw things out that I want to remember, and the expenses pages are simply scrolls with everything I need to pay for written on there. This month I decided to just put it on my monthly spread as a box and a smaller scroll, which you’ll see in my last post, but I am open to going back if these don’t work. 

Page coloured green with a tree in the centre, with other doodles around it. Text in middle reads 'September Memories'
My memories page from September. I really liked this spread, but decided to try something new this month.

Another set of spreads I have done are my TV tracker, book tracker, and podcast tracker. These are very simple and I use them a lot to keep track of where I am (any suggestions for them I’d not complain!) I find them very helpful and I have linked each of the pages together by writing at the bottom the page numbers for the other spreads, which is often referred to as threading pages. 

Split image. On one side is a podcast tracker with the names of the podcasts and the episodes, which are coloured if complete, the other side is TV shows with the same format.
Here are two of my media trackers. TV and podcast.

One I enjoy each month is my monthly review. This gives me a chance to give an overview of the month and see what could have worked better in terms of my journal. I am debating doing one for personal things too starting from the new year. 

Double page spread with the words 'Nov Review' in the top left. Bulleted lists of ideas written on the left page with drawings representing them beside small explanations on the right page.
Here is the review page I used this month. It really helped plan things out for me!

Finally I have also got a blog post tracker. Now, you’ll have noticed I haven’t blogged properly for a while, but this month I plan to change that. For the blog layout I have opted to draw a month calendar and write in my post ideas for each day of the month to keep myself on track. This seems to be going well so far, I also write in other ideas around the outside that I could do for the following months. I would post a photo of this but I don’t want to spoil any surprises of what’s to come! 

These are by no means an exhaustive list of my collections, others include game achievement trackers, goal trackers, actions for my groups, work related things and more. I just wanted to give you a flavour of what you may find useful to keep track of in your journal. As I said last time, pinterest is an invaluable resource for finding BuJo ideas, as is Instagram. Simply type in bullet journal, or variations on that and see what you can find! 

I hope today’s post has been helpful, if you have any more questions around my journaling please leave a comment. If anything is a major question, I may write another post on the topic! Thank you for sticking with me, I will be doing another Life Hacks post next Wednesday, with other posts in between, so keep an eye out for those. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments! 


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