Glad I Got That Off My Chest! 

Two years and two days! I can’t believe it has been that long since I finally had one of the most important surgeries in my life.

On the 3rd December 2014 I had my top surgery with Mr. Andrew Yelland in Brighton. I was just under a year on testosterone at the time and I would have had it sooner, but I made it as close to the Christmas holidays as possible because of university.

Photo of Kai two years and two days post top surgery. Photo of Kai with glasses on, shirtless, with scar lines.
My chest now, two years and two days since my top surgery

Honestly, it was a difficult time, I’d had major surgery before but this was something else. The night before I had a small voice in my ear asking ‘what if you regret it?’ but it didn’t stop me. I told Tyler and he said one thing that really comforted me, ‘if you regret it, we’ll just get you a killer boob job’.

I am really pleased with how the results are now. Even this late on I still am getting improvements in the scar line, I haven’t done a lot to treat them besides the occasional massaging and moisturising, but honestly I am not too concerned. The keloid scarring has gone down, as has the colour. Yes, I still have a wonky nipple on the right, but I have come to love it, it is one of my imperfections that make my body unique. I even have some sensation now and my nipples get hard in the cold! I don’t regret one thing and overall I am really happy with it. 

I just wanted to post this quick update, I hope you are all doing okay, and I shall be back with another post tomorrow reviewing the glorious production of RENT that I saw on Saturday (can you tell if I liked it?), so see you then! 


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