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Moodscope: My Review

In my post about leaving Europe, I mentioned that I have been using a daily mood checker site called Moodscope. I was advised about it by a friend at a meeting based on mental health and signed up there and then. It was a little touch and go at first (forgetting to use it etc) but after a week or so, I have been using it daily since. I was registered over a month ago now, and have been using it with great success.


What is it?

The premise of Moodscope is simple, it is a site that allows you to track your mood.

How does it work though?

Each time you log in you are greeted by 5 options. The first of these is to track your mood. You simply have to click the button to take the test, confirm the date, then you are given a page with a question, and a card (that looks similar to a playing card) with two numbers on, and buttons underneath telling you to flip the card or rotate it. Once the number you feel relates is on top, you can then click it and it moves onto the next question.

Here is what the questions are phrased like and how the set up looks. It's pretty clear and I love that.

Once you have done this for 20 questions, Moodscope calculates your score for the day. It takes a few moments, then it plots your results onto your graph.

Graph? What is that for?

The graph is arguably the best bit. Here you see the results of the last month, plotted onto an easy to read graph. Each day has a little dot to represent your score, along with lines connecting them all. An amazing feature they have included is the ability to click on the dot and add an annotation for the day.

My chart from yesterday with my worst result to date in light of the EU Referendum

Tell me about the annotations

The annotation is my favourite part. Here you can put a little bit in about your day, your score, or anything really. This is a great chance to try and work out why your score is what it is. If it is suddenly a lot higher than usual, what has been done differently today? Or if it is lower, do you know why? You can really get a feel for what you are experiencing day to day by looking back at these and noticing any patterns or trends. Yesterday for example, in my Goodbye Europe post, I explained that my score was at an all time low, this was due to how I was feeling about the referendum. For this, I think my score would have been slightly higher had I taken it later in the day, however I can’t be sure as I was still pretty bummed about it when I went to bed.

What else can you do?

Another perk to Moodscope is the ability to add buddies. At present I don’t have any on my account, simply because I know very few people with Moodscope to begin with. On the free version you are able to add up to 5 people, but you can pay for a higher level of membership and get more from it. Depending on how the next few months go I have seriously considered this. But at first I’d rather pay for a Headspace Meditation membership!

One thing from having buddies is the ability to set up so that the program can automatically email the people you have listed as buddies if your score is incredibly low for the day. As I said I have not experienced this feature so I don’t know exactly how it works, but it sounds good in theory.

In addition to this, Moodscope know that sometimes it is hard to talk to a doctor or professional about how your mood has been over a certain time period, with their program you can print off your scores from a 30 day period (or, with a paid membership, a longer period of time on one sheet), and show this directly to a medical professional. This sounds great to me!

Any final thoughts?
I find my score is highly dependant on the time of day I take the test. My higher scores tend to come later in the day, meaning I find myself more pessimistic early in the morning which is very useful to know.

I haven’t explored it to it’s full extent yet, hell I haven’t even read the emails that come through daily for inspiration (I rarely have the time, though I know some people do find these useful). But I feel like I will continue using this program, and I would strongly urge others to do the same. It may not be for everyone, but I think it is a fantastic idea.

All in all I give Moodscope a 4/5 star review. I love it but I am not a fan of products that make money on mental health. I understand everyone has to make a living but things like this need funding from external bodies, not the users themselves (though I know this is difficult to achieve, there is funding out there).


Have any of you, my readers, ever used Moodscope? How about something similar? Do you think this may be beneficial to you? Also this is a sort of call out. Anyone who I have on here that feels they would like to try it out, or already have it, and would like to become buddies, I am open to people messaging/commenting and letting me know, we can have a chat and possibly add each other.

I look forward to hearing from you all. It is good to be back here!


3 thoughts on “Moodscope: My Review”

  1. I’ve signed up, but not sure so far. Think it would be easier on a laptop rather than my phone. Not sure how accurate it will be, or useful, as with my mental illnesses, especially my EUPD, my mood can change severely and suddenly up to about 20 times an hour some days. And I wouldn’t remember to use it that often or remember how I felt during a bad episode after it. But it might be good for just generally tracking things simply. I like that it asks you questions about different feelings and it briefly described them as things which ask you to just say how you feel I severely struggle with and are pretty much impossible.
    Thank you for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the downside of it is the fact you can only plot your mood on the graph once a day (though you can test it more than once, it will only plot the first). Because of this I find trying to do it at the same time each day to be a good way to indicate just how I feel of a morning for example.


  2. I am going to download this and give it a go. I like that it asks questions rather than just asking you to describe your mood as I severely struggle with that.
    Just not sure how it would work with my various mental illnesses, especially my EUPD as my mood can change dramatically, suddenly and severely up to about 20 times a hour at times!
    Thank you for writing this.

    Liked by 1 person

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