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Goodbye Europe

I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus, trying to sort my life out, trying to work out what I am doing. Well today I thought I would break that silence, in light of the result of the EU referendum. Today I want to express my thoughts, my feelings about the results.


I woke up forgetting that the vote was yesterday, I got up, feeling refreshed, I had slept well, my mind was at ease. I got up, checked my work shirt, saw one was dry and I felt good.

Then I went on Facebook, checking my notifications, then it hit me. I had put up a status last night, hoping for the best, saw I had new comments, then it hit me. A friend’s comment solidified it. I’m sorry. The first words of it and my heart sank.

Names removed for anonymity. Joe was included with permission. His comment made my heart sink...

I went straight to the internet, looking it up. It was true. Britain has voted to leave the European Union. A 51.9% response to leave. The margins were so small, but that margin was all that was needed. The public have voted to say that Great Britain (if you can call it great at the moment) want to leave, and it now means that our future will be changing a lot.

Looking at the YouGov stats, those who voted to leave are those who have the least amount of time to live with the result. 75% of people aged 18-24 voted to remain. 39% of people aged 65+ voted to remain. This means that those people who have to live with the result for the longest, wanted to remain. This is a travesty. As a friend of mine pointed out, what makes it even more ridiculous, 17 million people are taking a nation of 65 million out of the EU. Because that is how democracy works. That is a massive difference in numbers.

Thank you baby boomers!

Now I am not going to shame those who did not or could not vote. This is not your fault. The fault lies with the government for not making this vote more accessible. A lot of people I know who would have voted, were unable to due to mental health, stress, physical health, inability to register due to background or other reasons, and some people just were unable to because it wasn’t made clear enough as to what it would mean either way.

I am watching the news while writing this as it all unfolds and there were two people interviewed, a brother and sister, he had voted to remain and stood by that, she had voted to leave and said when she woke up to the news it all became real and she regretted that choice. The thing is, she wasn’t alone. I know many others will be in the same position this morning. This will be especially true after Nigel Farage’s statement on Good Morning Britain is seen. When quizzed about the statement that the ‘£350m that we pay to the EU’ (which was not the true figure anyway) would go back into the NHS, he denied it. He said that wasn’t certain. He couldn’t promise that. Another lie from the leave campaign that has, now they have won, been proven wrong.

I know many people who voted based on that one ‘fact’ alone, that the NHS would be more stable if we left, that the NHS would have more money. But, as those in the remain camp tried to stress, this wasn’t true.

Have a look at the video clip of Farage backtracking.

One thing that really worries me about leaving the EU is the loss of rights that comes from it. The European Union upholds a lot of rights for LGBT people, for women, for workers, without this, our lives are uncertain. Under the EU, I am protected, without it, I don’t know what will happen. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I am in a very privileged position at the moment, I pass as male, I have the right not to be questioned, not to lose my job because I am trans, because I am queer. But without this, anything could happen. I don’t know what will happen with work protections, basic rules such as times of work, parental leave, equal pay, everything could face a change. Under the current government I don’t see that being a positive thing. I am honestly frightened for what could happen. The only plus I can see at this moment is David Cameron resigning from office. Though that then leaves uncertainty about who could replace him, I am not liking the idea of someone like Boris Johnson for example taking over his seat!

Every day I do a thing called Moodscope, I will be doing a full in-depth review of this site soon, however I wanted to mention it here. It is a way of keeping track of your mood, seeing your ups and downs, you can add notes, look for trends. Today when I filled it in I was less than surprised that my score was at an all time low. Two days ago, I got a score in the 70’s. Today I got 19. 19. This is the lowest score I have ever had, and it is because I am so worried for my future. For our future. My queer family face discrimination, my friends who are not British citizens are left with uncertainty about what will happen to them, their futures.

My result today didn't come as a surprise

I don’t know what is going to happen, and nor does anyone else. But one thing is certain, I am not happy with the result and all I want to do right now is hide under the duvet and sleep, and wake up realising it was all a nasty nightmare and the UK is still remaining in the European Union.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below, or message me if you feel you need some extra support, I am here to lend an ear. I will be at work through the day but will be online as soon as I can. My thoughts go out to everyone affected by this result, I hope your day gets better from now.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye Europe”

  1. Like you, I just want to sleep right now. Or get hideously drunk. I don’t have enough faith in this country to believe that those in government will make good decisions without being answerable to the EU, or that the rights we LGBTQIA people have now will be upheld.

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      1. It looks as thought most of Europe want us gone ASAP now that this has come to pass, so it may well be that we end up leaving sooner than that. 😦

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  2. I’m not British and there’s been very little news about this in the U.S. (big surprise!) so I don’t know all of the ins and outs of it but I have gotten the general idea that it’s not a good thing and being fueled by the right wingers and that is never good. I’m sorry this is happening and, even as an American, I feel your fear and concern as well. I’m not sure how this right wing agenda is taking over so much of the world right now but it’s a very scary and uneasy time for many of us.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. It really doesn’t surprise me that you’ve heard little of it! I hope things get better soon, I just pray that in 20 years I will say I was wrong to vote remain. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening at present though!


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