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Ten Things of Thankful: Kai’s Return to Blogging

These past few weeks have been very long, and I can honestly say I have no idea where they went. In just 11 days comes my birthday, a work party in 10 days, and London Comic Convention in 12 days! I can hardly believe it is May already, let alone that we are two weeks into it already. But alas, we are, and so today marks my return to blogging once more, after some time off post the A-Z Challenge.


The theatre is the first thing I am thankful for this week. I was lucky enough to go and see a show in the Fringe festival, Insomnia. Two of my good friends were involved in this, and it was so utterly fantastic! I will be writing a review very soon so shall not post too much about it on this post.

Friends are one of the big things I am thankful for too, I have had the pleasure of spending time with a lot of them lately, and I have made new friends in the process. Being more involved in the Btown Brawlers roller derby team of late, and starting up the none binary group None Of The Above (NOTA), means I have more chance to socialise with awesome people. So thank you very much to all of my friends, old and new!

As I just mentioned, community groups have been making me very thankful of late. I’ve made new friends, and made a lot of new connections in general. Community groups offer me the chance to give back all that I have gained over the years, and I love to take part in them. Being privileged enough to help set up a new group has been fantastic, and it is great to watch it grow!

Work has been stressful of late, but I am thankful that I am employed. I am in a position of great privilege having a full time job, being able to bring in a wage.

Eurovision! I know it is trash, and really really ridiculous, but last night I went to a Eurovision party, and had a great time! The entries were so so, and I know that the UK did as poorly as ever (will we ever have a good entry again?) but it was nice to hang out with friends and drink wonderful rum cocktails!

I am thankful for being busy, it has kept me occupied and entertained, albeit tired, and I have really liked not having to think much about what I am doing each day! The only downside is I have been unable visit my family this month and I am really looking forward to my birthday when I am going up to see them again!

While being busy has had it’s perks, day’s off are far and few between at the moment and I am really relishing them! Today I had chance to stay home (mostly) and we were able to do a load of housework. It was really nice. The only downside was that Tyler has fallen ill so I was also looking after him a lot today. Hopefully he feels better soon!

Wolfies is my favourite fish and chip shop ever! They are so wonderful in there. We went today as a treat after the housework and it was beautiful. I rarely have a complaint (in fact, I think only once did we ever complain, and the main guy turned around and took the words from our mouth as he agreed with us!) their food is perfect. They have a wonderful manner and know us well now! I went in there earlier and they knew instantly what we wanted and how we had our salt and vinegar. Bless them.

Buses have become a bigger part of my life now than I think I ever thought they would! Brighton buses may not be fantastic but they are some of the best I have encountered in the country. I am thankful for all of the work Brighton and Hove Bus Company are putting into equality for their users and hope it continues for a long time.

Finally, it is very different to the rest on my list today, but I am thankful for DVD box sets. Tyler brought a few when I was away with his birthday money and one of them was the Borgias season one and two. It is really good! Tyler and I were saying earlier how it is great to have digital copies of films and TV shows, but there is something great about having a hard copy of it. It is nice to just pop the DVD in and watch it. As I type this we are on episode 6 of the first season and I am struggling to stop watching!


What are you thankful for this week? Let me know in the comments, or go and join the link up yourself! I hope you enjoyed reading and will keep your eyes peeled for my Insomnia review which will be up in the next few days. See you then!


11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: Kai’s Return to Blogging”

  1. *grinning* I love that you have such a relationship with your local chippy that they know how you like your salt and vinegar. There’s nothing quite like chip shop chips (except chip shop chips at the beach).


  2. Canada, or at least rural Canada doesn’t have nearly the public transportation systems that the UK and most of Europe seem to have. It’s one of the things I notice when I read books based in England (Thank you Kindle and Amazon for showing me all those great mystery and suspense writers in the UK!). The only bus that goes through my area, and most of Canada, are the school buses.

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  3. I am reading with last year’s glasses instead of my most current prescription. I read (or thought I read) that you are thankful for being BOSSY because it keeps you occupied and entertained!!! Busy…you are BUSY! Oh, dear! But you know, it can be kind of entertaining to be a little bossy with folks too!

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