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Y is for Young People

“Young people are 10% of the population but 100% of the future.” There is a politician I know who says that a lot, and while I may not agree with most of the things this guy says, I agree with that statement. It is vital to remember how important young people are for the world, they are the future of the human race, so why do so many people shut down things they say?

When people come out as trans or non-binary one of the common retorts is “aren’t you too young/too old?” Because apparently your age has an impact negatively (regardless of said age) on whether you know your own gender.


I came out fully when I was 18. I said no, this was enough, and I had to tell people and live authentically. I know some people who come out when they are in their 40’s and 50’s, even older. Your age has no impact, it is just a case of when you realised or when you knew you couldn’t carry on as you were. It is not a negative thing, in fact it is one of the best things most people do for themselves.

Young people are faced with adversity on a daily basis for how they act, how they present themselves, how they speak, everything. Young Queer people are given abuse daily, from friends, from family members, from strangers. Why? Because they are different, because they don’t have the same views or attitudes of others, because they are trying to be themselves.

When you are a trans or non-binary young person it can be a scary place. You are there knowing you have been told you aren’t old enough to make serious decisions, but equally knowing you need to be true to yourself. Young people are left in limbo for so many things, and this is a major one.

Please support young people who come out to you. Instead of asking “aren’t you too young?” ask how you can support them. It may be that they ‘change their minds’, they may decide transition or whatever other steps they wanted to take are not for them. That is okay. Be there for them. It is a scary place for anyone, but for a young person they are constantly told they are wrong and they don’t need it again with something like this that can be so life altering.


What are your thoughts?

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