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X is for XX/XY Chromosomes

You will always be a girl because you have XX Chromosomes,” or “You will always be a boy because you’ve got XY Chromosomes.”

I am sure most trans and non-binary people have heard it at some point since coming out (or even prior). You are told that, due to a development during the early stages of your fetal self, it will always define you. Because if that was true, I would still be 8 pound, 3 and a half ounces.


The chromosome argument is innately flawed. For one thing, it never factors in those who have more than just XX or XY chromosomes. It doesn’t factor in those who are intersex, those who have other conditions that affect their chromosomes. The whole idea is entirely transphobic. People who have certain chromosomes are not therefore automatically that gender.

Many people will say that this is very rare, that people with intersex conditions or other chromosomal issues rarely come up. This is true. It is rare. However, so is being trans. A very small amount of the population of the world are trans or non-binary, so why are they any less valid?

There isn’t a lot I can say on the topic, being someone who is not intersex, but I hope at some point to invite a guest speaker to write a post on the topic for me to help educate people on this blog.

If you want to read more people posting in the A-Z Challenge, go check them out! My next post is Y for Young People.


2 thoughts on “X is for XX/XY Chromosomes”

  1. Hah. As it so happens, my parents and I just discussed this very thing. It seems like the difference comes between how people view sex vs gender. Anyways, interesting post and good point.


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