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W is for Waiting

The waiting game is something every trans and non-binary person who goes through the National Health Service has to get used to. I wish this was a blanket statement that couldn’t be proved as true, but it isn’t. Wait times are awful for Gender Identity Clinic’s, with some of the waiting lists going into the multiple years. Patience isn’t a bad thing to learn, but it really does suck sometimes when all you feel like you are doing is sitting on some waiting list or in some waiting room.


I was quite lucky with my GIC appointment and it took less than a year from my referral to get my first appointment at Charing Cross GIC, but I was one of the rare cases. My luck meant I was given a last minute cancellation appointment, but most people are waiting for many years now for the same clinic. I myself was discharged due to an error they made (something I will go into at a later date) and have now been re-referred to the Laurels in Exeter, I was referred back in November 2015 and am not holding out hope for an appointment this side of Christmas.

Waiting is something we have to do in order to have our gender validated. In order to get a Gender Recognition Certificate (something I mentioned in my R post), you have to ‘prove’ you have lived as your preferred gender for at least 2 years with a paper trail, in order to have surgery or hormones you have to wait until you have been given the all clear by multiple specialist doctors, it is a whole mess.

It really feels like this half the time

There isn’t much more I can say on the topic without going into a full blown rant, which rest assured I will do at some point, for now I want to leave you on a short but sweet post, with the promise of a future recap. If you want to read more blogs in the A-Z Challenge, click here and go through the list. It is nearly the end of the month now which means no more A-Z, but that wont be the end of my posts, I shall still be posting regularly – you can’t get rid of me that easily!


What are your thoughts?

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