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V is for V-Necks

I know this seems like a ridiculous topic. Why would I discuss v-necks on my blog when the topic is gender? Well as weird as it may sound, it can be a major problem for those people that bind their chests. I bound my chest pre-top surgery, and there were a lot of items of clothing I felt unable to wear – one of which, was v-necks.


Clothing is a weird thing, it is pieces of fabric cut into certain shapes and sewn together to cover your body. It is something required by most areas of society to be seen as ‘decent’. Within this, they are categorised into genders, male or female clothes, boys or girls. Occasionally you get ‘unisex’ clothing, but this is mostly male cut, seen as ‘suitable’ for women to wear. It is really not the best, not even close to ideal, but unfortunately some cuts of clothing are bad regardless for trans people.

One of these, is v-necks. When you bind, most of the time, your binder has a high neck to avoid any  cleavage showing. This means that v-neck shirts show the wonderful slightly fraying fabric of your binder every time you wear them. It can lead to umpteen questions through the day, especially when the weather is good, about why you are wearing a vest.

Another thing that can be difficult is close fitting t-shirts. Wearing a binder may flatten your chest (somewhat) but it doesn’t get rid of all of the curves. I had a few tops I just couldn’t wear because it looked like I was a pregnant person. I certainly couldn’t wear a tri-top binder with a normal t-shirt due to my weight.

Post top surgery though, I have a massive love for t-shirts. Not being able to wear them for years took it’s toll, and now I find myself in less and less button up shirts. However, this is also due to the fact I have a large beer belly and a smaller chest, meaning all of my button up shirts bulge somewhat!

What are your experiences with clothing and gender? I’ve barely touched on the ridiculousness of gendered clothing, I think that will be another post all together (keep your eyes peeled), but I hope you enjoyed reading this one. While you wait in anticipation for my next blog post, go check out some of the other blogs in the A-Z Challenge!


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