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Ten Things of Thankful: A Busy Week

I have had one day off in my whole 11 days off! Okay not every day has been stressful, but in terms of not doing anything involving travel I had only one day, Thursday. The past week has been hectic to say the least and even Monday I am doing something when I get back from my trip.

Because of my busy week though I have a lot to be thankful for so I hope you will enjoy my post today!


1. Pampering. On Wednesday we went to a trans and non-binary specific pamper day at Brighton and Hove City College organised by the wonderful Aishah, with the support of Tyler, and had a fantastic day. I had a back massage (though my phone wanted to correct that to massacre haha), my nails were painted, and I had my make-up done. It was a lovely day and we made some good money for FTM Brighton and the Clare Project from cake sales. Thank you to all that took part, hopefully it will help a few more people feel comfortable doing things at the college now too!

2. Cuddles. After the session I went to the Marlborough (local pub) with friends and spent a few hours cuddling a very lovely person. I had a lot of fun and hopefully we can cuddle again soon!

3. Animals. On Monday we went to Drusilla’s park and had a fantastic time seeing all of the animals. It was a great day out and if you can I’d recommend anyone going.

4. Daisy! This wonderful human drove us all to Drusilla’s and they were fantastic. Also they got Tyler and I our Christmas presents which consisted of notepads and stationary. How well they and Cleo know us! All the love to them.

5. TBA. Trans Bare All, a fantastic organisation in the UK held their retreat this weekend and I was lucky enough to go along. I am thankful for being given the chance to go and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met some great people. It was amazing to feel my access needs met completely for the first time, and I just… Yeah. So thankful.

6. Music. I’ve always loved listening to music that fits my mood and that has never been more true than when I was on the coach on Friday, listening to pretty much the same song on loop, Homing Birds by Teddy Beighton. It is a wonderful song, especially when being subjected to a screaming child on the coach. I felt for everyone who didn’t have headphones or earplugs.

7. National Express coaches. They seem to have actually improved since the last time I caught one and I am really impressed. They are actually *gasp* comfortable!

8. National Express coaches plug sockets! I felt this deserved it’s own thankful, as it was so helpful to have on the coach. My phone would probably have died by the time I got to the retreat otherwise and I’d have lost the ability to get on and off the coaches with my M tickets (I had no time to print paper copies).

9. A-Z Challenge. I may have been a little lax for part of the week, but I’ve really been enjoying doing the challenge and the fact I’ve actually had content for the whole month. It is nearly at an end and that makes me sad, but at the same time I have a reason to keep blogging now and loads more topics to cover!

10. My mum for being understanding of me not being able to contact her much this week. I have been a bad child and found it difficult to actually contact my mum this week due to being so busy, so I am thankful to her for baring with me as I think we’ve both been quite busy this week. Hopefully I will get to go and see her again soon and make up for it.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Ten Things of Thankful this week and hopefully you will go and check out the other blogs taking part this weekend. Let me know what you’re thankful for, either by joining the link up or leaving me a comment!

See you tomorrow for my next post in the A-Z Challenge, U for Understanding!


7 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: A Busy Week”

  1. The massage and pampering sounds GREAT, and congrats on fundraising 🙂

    Cuddles (with the right person) are always awesome, and…your good experience has gone a tiny part of the way to rectifying my VERY low opinion of National Express, after a horrendously bad experience last time I used them.


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