Q is for Queer

First things first, I apologise for this post being a day late, and I shall be also posting my R post today! I had a very busy day yesterday, it was really great, but by the time I got home I had no energy left to do much more! I don’t like missing days in the challenge so I am determined to catch up.

Yesterday’s letter was Q, so I am writing about being Queer! I am going to be talking about what that means to me, and why I like the term.


I have identified as Queer for the past few years now, I use it to describe both my gender and my sexuality as I find it to be a great catch-all term.  I struggle to put a label on my sexuality as I feel it is always changing and the way I relate to my gender does the same. I know how I feel my body should look, I feel happy with my flat chest and my masculine features, but I feel like I can present with make up on, with painted nails, I sometimes feel like I want to wear more feminine clothing or more androgynous presentation – I got my make up done yesterday while I was out and I loved how it looked. It isn’t something I feel all of the time – a lot of the time I am more comfortable in masculine wear – but that is why I struggle to label myself. For the ease of others I use the term trans masculine or non-binary for those who understand that label.

With my sexuality, again, it is more complicated than the term bisexual (which I predominantly use) can explain, although this is what I call it to those who need an easy explanation. The only certainties I know with my sexuality is that I am not straight and I am not monosexual. I am attracted to more than one gender, in fact gender plays little to no part in my attraction, rather personality, and attitude. However I find myself more attracted to masculinity – as a general rule. This doesn’t always prove true which makes it even more confusing to myself. Hence Queer.

I think the term Queer is fantastic as it works as a wider label. Most people I know who identify as Queer use it in the same way, and I think that is fantastic.

I know this post isn’t too long, but I want to write a better post for R, Recognition, so keep your eyes peeled for that later today. I am struggling a little to write this afternoon as I keep getting distracted so I apologise if the next post is a little late too! I am going to be on a coach tomorrow though and I should be able to write while on that and get a few written at worst. Go check out some more blogs in the A-Z Challenge if you want to find more awesome people while you wait for my next post!


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