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J is for Jock Strap’s

No, this post is not adult in content, though I shall be discussing underwear, and in particular my own underwear! If you feel you’d rather not read about that, this post may not be for you. But today I want to talk about buying underwear and other personal items as a trans person.


For a lot of people, underwear shopping is embarrassing, now add into that the fact that other people think you are shopping for the wrong kind of underwear and try and imagine the awkwardness.

Underwear is a personal thing, it is something only yourself (and others you chose to show) can see. It is there to protect you and provide your private areas with protection. This applies to boxers, knickers, bras and even binders. Despite the fact it is rarely on show (for most people) it is still something that you need to feel comfortable in. This means that it involves a lot of researching, when you have not worn underwear that is typically used by a different gender.

One of my priorities is that I can pack using the underwear I have. I ideally need underwear that has a ‘pocket’ in. It can’t be too loose, but at the same time I don’t want to crush my non-existent testicles. I need to be comfortable. I have many different sized packers, depending on my mood, so ideally I need underwear that will fit all of them and nothing will fall down my trouser leg – especially since I am predominantly stealth as male at work, having a penis fall out would be kinda awkward!

I actually found Primark to be one of the best places for me to find decent underwear, it isn’t too pricey (in terms of underwear, most of it is too damn expensive for some material in my opinion!) I have probably about 30 pairs from there, and yeah they may be fairly plain, but they are comfortable and not too bad to replace when they eventually break.

One thing I have heard a lot of people who pack say is that a good idea is to try a jock strap. It took me a while to actually buy one, but once I did I certainly agreed! I got one from a local adult store in the sale and it is one of the most comfortable things I wear. It certainly accentuates my packer, which I will admit is something I am not too concerned about, and it is nice having a little breeze on my behind! I wouldn’t recommend wearing it in cold weather though, that was one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had!

Some people I have heard wear jock straps and usual underwear such as boxers, so they aren’t essentially commando. I have yet to try this, but think it could be quite cool. I need to invest in some boxers though in order to try that, as most of my underwear (due to the need for it to be tighter) consists of briefs and trunks.

Another possibility with packing is specialist underwear. You can get some that work well with Mr Limpy’s (one type of flaccid packer), such as some I have. They are just like briefs, but they have a hole in the front, similar to what strap-on’s have, and you can slip your packer through there, leaving the balls in the little pouch.

Some packers have harnesses that are made especially for them, such as the peecock. However, you can also make your own packing underwear. You can do it quite easily with tutorials online, and a little bit of sewing techniques. Take a look on YouTube and various blogs to find out more.

Tell me, do you pack? If so, how do you keep that thing in place? Have you got any embarrassing stories of that day you nearly lost your penis? Or how you’ve dented ceilings with it? (Yes, this has happened to me, but that’s another story) Let me know in the comments!

Watch out for tomorrow’s post on my A-Z Challenge, K for Knowing. I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you again soon!


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