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I is for I Am…

As someone with a trans identity, it is difficult sometimes to distance yourself from the community, especially if you are involved in the activism of it all. It is also difficult for other people to see you as more than your gender. Today I want to focus on why I am different from my identity and why you should take time to find out what makes other people separate from their identities too.


I Am a carer

I’ve posted about it before, I work in the care industry. I look after elderly people, the eldest generations of the country, through arguably some of the hardest times of their lives. I help comfort people who are close to death, I wash them, get them dressed, help them eat, take them out for day trips, comfort them when they don’t know what is going on or where they are. I work with people of all sorts, from rest-bite to dementia residents. I love my job, and as part of it I am doing my diploma in Health and Social Care (which I am off to do some of once I’ve finished this blog post in advance of the day I am posting it!)

I Am an activist

I work in the local community. I help run the page Homos, Heteros, and a Whole Lot More on Facebook, I work with trans groups, but also the bisexual group, the poly group and I also volunteer at trans pride as a BSL interpreter.

That time I debated in the House of Commons!

I Am training to be an Interpreter

I get the odd job here and there volunteering, but I don’t get much practice at the moment. I am soon going to be applying for funding though to learn to sign professionally. I love sign language, it is the one thing I am most passionate about in the world, (even more than Harry Potter!) and I can’t wait to be a professional.

I Am bisexual

Oddly my computer wanted to write I am bisexuality, but I am not that great! As I wrote about on Friday, I am bisexual, not gay. I am proud of my identity and will fight for it as much as I have to. It isn’t everything about me, but it is an important element of myself.

I Am a partner

I have been lucky enough to be in a relationship with Tyler for over 3 years now, and somehow he still puts up with me. I am blessed to have such a wonderful person.

I Am someone who has depression and anxiety

My mental health is just as much of me as the rest. It may not be the easiest, but it is something about me and adds to my make up as a person. I have ill mental health, and I am medicated for it. For more of a discussion on this, keep an eye out for my post next Thursday for L, Let’s Talk about mental health.

I Am a quidditch player

I may not have played in over a year, but I will be again soon! I love playing quidditch, and have posted a couple of posts about it. I love the sport, it is just wonderful, and it is the way I met my best friend Gemma, so it has to be amazing!


I Am an individual

One thing that really irks me about the assumption someone is made up purely of their gender is the fact it takes away from any uniqueness. I am not talking about special snowflakes, just that everyone is different. Each trans person is different, each non-binary person is different. You may have similarities in their experiences and journey’s, but they are not the same people.

Tell me, what makes you unique? What are you interested in? What makes you, you? Let me know in the comments! Tomorrow’s post is J, for Jock Straps! Intrigued? Check it out when it comes up as the next post in my A-Z Challenge.


What are your thoughts?

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