21st March 2016

I am off on annual leave this week, it works out as 7 days off in a row which is pretty great. Three of these days I took out of town at my mum’s for her birthday on Monday.

CN: discussion of death


I went up to visit my mum on Sunday afternoon, I don’t get to stay with her too often due to work and money so it was nice to know I could stay for a few days this time around. Mum was out in the day at a craft thing (she’s a crafter and works for a company called Stampin’ Up! See her blog she runs with her friend here), so I arrived before she did and put the washing on.

It was great to see her when she got back, it had been a few weeks since I had seen her and I do miss my mum a lot. We had some delicious cupcakes my brothers fiancée had made for her that evening and boy were they fantastic.

Look at how good Tyler's card for mum was!

On Monday my brother came over and mum opened her cards and presents. She was really happy with it all, and Tyler made mum a really good birthday card she loved.

Then we were off out with my mums friend Cary and her partner Andrea. They took us out to Harvester in town which was fantastic, I hadn’t been there in a while so it was cool to see the revamped restaurant and the food was better than ever.

Look at that food! Plus Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit in the background!

The server we had was new to his job, three days he said, and he was a great guy. He made us laugh a lot and was really patient. Major props to him for that.

Mum got a fantastic card from Cary, with a dragon on the front (my mums nickname is the dragon) that she adored. It’s taking pride of place in the living room now. Then she got her present, a set of Harry Potter trivia cards which were great fun to play with!

Doesn't she look happy?

By the time we got home we were so full that we didn’t have any dinner. My brothers fiancée visited with the children that evening which was lovely – even if I did get sore legs from them sitting on me! I think mum enjoyed her day, and it was lovely to share it with her.

So sweet!

Unfortunately on Tuesday we got some bad news. Mum had mentioned she was concerned that one of her best friends hadn’t wished her a happy birthday, she was worried that her friend was mad with her. Sadly it turned out to be worse than that. I mentioned on my post yesterday that we found out my ‘Auntie Lynn’ passed away on the 21st of March 2016, surrounded by family.

A wonderful woman. (Photo not my own, watermarked to prevent misuse)

Naturally it brought a sobering look over my mum’s birthday, but a way to look at it was that she will now no longer be in pain and she will be with her husband, and her son who passed just last year.


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