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We Are Off To See The Animals!

Those of you who have read my last few posts this week may have seen that I went to the safari the week before last! It was a fantastic day, Daisy drove us down there, Tyler, Cleo (Daisy’s partner) and I all had a wonderful time. There was issues from another park goer but other than that it was great. Today’s blog post will be mostly in pictures, I hope you like it!
Ahh, Daisy is being eaten by the dino!
Now me too, though I seem pretty pleased with it!
Well they might need a coffee, after all the visitors who go past.
Walking along the trail, there was lots of walking!
Remake from our photo when we went to Drucillas last year!
Look at all of those steps.
Bubba giraffe.
Look how close they got! I didn’t even zoom in.
Beautiful Tiger.
Reallly needed a stretch!
Still going, look how happy they look!
The disabled lioness was so beautiful. Glad she had her own area.
All running wild, just next to the truck as we went past.
They were a little shocked to see us but carried on anyway.
Chilling by the roadside.
European Grey Wolf, they were very sociable.
The African Hunting Dogs were so organised! Kept running in threes.
Awww these Red Pandas were adorable.
I think they look so wonderful!
I had never actually seen a Zebra before, they seemed happy as we went past.
The Rhino got so close!
One of them had just fallen over backwards off the ledge, where that one is looking!
There they are!
Look at those views!

What do you think? Fantastic, no? I was blown away, as were the others. The only downsides were one couple who got really nasty to the guy taking us around the park, and the loss of Tyler’s tobacco. When we were on the ride, towards the end, the tyre on the trailer blew out, and we had to stop. The guy was lovely and polite, asked everyone to get out and explained we could either walk up the hill or wait 20 minutes to half an hour for the tyre to be fixed. We had already walked up once so decided to stay behind. One pregnant woman was there with a small child who was getting agitated. There was someone there with a spare seat who was going up the hill and she was offered a lift (she had said she would walk if she had the buggy but the buggy was back at base camp). This other couple who had an adult son started complaining. Why couldn’t they get a lift? Why couldn’t the guy just detach the trailer and drive us all up? Moan moan moan. It was ridiculous.


On our way back up to base camp (the annoying couple had walked in the end) we realised something awful, much too late. Tyler’s tobacco fell out the side of the truck, in slow motion almost, and fell to the floor near the wild animals. We had no hope of contacting the driver and when we got up the top, he was apologetic.

Going into the gift shop however, we spotted the woman from the couple complaining. I had to hold Tyler back from saying something, as Cleo did with Daisy. It was once she left we told the guy how false her accusations were. They were so grateful to hear the truth, and we explained the guy was so nice, there was no way he should have been punished for their lies and rudeness.

We finally got home quite late, having been up since 7am, and it was exhausting but so worth it! I would definitely return in future.

If you wanted to check out this place yourself, it’s Port Lympne Reserve in Kent and their website is here. It’s really affordable and definitely worth the money.


What are your thoughts?

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