Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful: Life is Good

Hello again dear followers! Its been a little while again, but I’ve been working on a few posts at once and hopefully in the next week these should all be up, including an update on my Being Stealth Vs. Being Open post! For now, I hope you enjoy reading my TToT post for the week. I am in a good mood and happy to spread the love today!


I know Tyler features a lot in my TToT but he has been so fantastic of late. I’ve been up and down mood wise, trying to stabilise on meds that weren’t working for me, and I’ve been really bad towards him. But we have discussed it lots and he is still by my side. I love him so much, and I really am lucky to have him by my side.

Look at that handsome person next to me!

FTM Brighton
I am finally on the FTMB committee! We had a great session last night and welcomed a new committee member in addition to myself. I am really looking forward to seeing where the group goes from here, and working on the resource book that’s been in the pipeline for a while now!

I have some of the best friends ever. Like both close and far from me. I have mentioned Gemma a lot and she is fantastic and hopefully kicking some ass today at the British Quidditch Cup (go go go Gemma!). But I’ve also got some fantastic friends nearby.

Last Thursday Tyler, myself, Daisy and Cleo all went to the safari in Kent and had a great time, it was a long drive but it was worth it!

Then this Thursday after work I had nothing to do and Tyler was out with Steph. So I put up a message on Facebook seeing if anyone wanted to meet up. I had both Charlie and Roe comment and we all went out to Creams, the desert place in Brighton that’s open till 11pm. It was lovely, and after we went off to Starbucks when someone was off their face in Creams and started making everything uncomfortable to the extent the police were called as we were leaving.

We had a great evening, and made more plans to do stuff soon. It was fantastic! Thank you folks!

My sexy sexy sundae from Creams!

I am really lucky to have my job, and lately I have been asked to help with a few trips out for residents which I adore doing. It’s lovely to see their faces and experience the joy of them actually going out, when they haven’t been in ages. Plus I was told yesterday that I’d be thought of in future for more trips too!

The Witnesses (PW)
This Facebook group is fantastic. I’ve made so many friends and everyone is so supportive. It’s like my online family.

I am really loving Instagram and the ability to easily edit my photos, such as the ones from the safari we went to last week! (Post about it to follow soon)

Look at this beauty!

Facebook has it’s flaws, and a lot of them, but as a platform I think it is really useful and such a good tool for networking.

Non-Binary Group
This group is new, it’s still in its baby steps. But I think it is going really well. We have a working name (with the possibility to change it) and we are designing a logo too! I am so excited to see it grow and proud to be a part of it.

Wolfie’s of Hove
I am thankful for Wolfie’s, our local fish and chip shop. They are fantastic, queer friendly and just a great laugh. Tyler and I turned up in drag on Sunday and they didn’t bat an eyelid. We had a good chat and laugh and, when we visited again a few days later, they said they were disappointed we weren’t all made up again! I love going in there, and they are always welcoming. At first we felt bad for abandoning our old chippy, but they are further away and Wolfie’s is such a better quality – plus more locally sourced. They’ve even won awards for how great they are.

Not my photo, but they are fantastic

National Health Service (NHS)
Finally, I am on loads of medication and I require specialist treatment in different areas. I am so lucky and thankful for the NHS, despite it’s flaws, for all of the help I have received. Plus now I have a prepaid prescription card, I am able to pay £10.40 a month and get all of the prescriptions I need for that. It really is worth the price.


So that’s me for today! What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments, or go and join in with the link up here! I look forward to seeing you soon.


6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: Life is Good”

  1. Ok, now I am angry. To think that someone was being so obnoxious that they cut into the time you could spend lingering over that amazing looking creamy goodness?! That was your time, darn it. So wrong. So wrong. What is wrong with the world today?!
    (And I am not just saying this in hopes that you will invite me along next time!)

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