Ten Things of Thankful

One Year and One Day of (Mostly) Active Blogging (TToT)

I am a little overdue on this post and should have started it a lot earlier. However, I haven’t so there! My official day of starting my blog was 27th December 2014, but I only made one post and then not again until the 5th March 2015. Then a number more after that in the same month! So I will count this second date as the actual anniversary!

To show it off, today I want to do ten things I am thankful for with my blog over the last year.


I tried to write a blog for years, but I always managed a few posts at most then got bored. This blog was my first that I actually stuck with and gained a readership for. So I am thankful in three parts here, for having a good platform, finding something to write about, sticking with it, and for my followers that made me want to keep writing and gave me a reason to feel like I should carry on with it.

I wouldn’t say I have a particular niche with this page, though I have debated trying to find one, instead I have found that I’ve enjoyed experimenting I get to write all different things and have readers from all different places who are interested in what I say.

I am also thankful that I have been able to express myself. With talking about everything I am able to get down on paper what I am thinking. Along with this, my blog is a fantastic place for me to work on my mental health. Over the past year I have struggled a lot and I have had a readership that seems to care, and even when nobody interacts with a post, I feel a sense of relief for putting it out there.

Blogging has also become a shared interest between Tyler and I. We can chat about our new posts, what we are planning to write about, promotion and more. It is a great way to pass time. Plus we promote each others posts on our Facebook pages which is a great method to share things around.

I am also thankful for the linkups such as this one that help me meet more wonderful bloggers. Vince first introduced me to TToT and so I am very thankful to both Vince and Lizzi for helping me with meeting more people and reaching out more.

So thank you everyone who has been reading my stuff, I know it hasn’t been regular lately but I do want to change that. I hope you enjoy my posts and they aren’t too much of a drag, and any ideas for topics you’d like me to cover would be appreciated!


If you want to join the Ten Things of Thankful this week, head over to the linkup here and upload your blog link! It’d be great to see what you are thankful for. Or if you’d rather not post a blog post, let me know in the comments!

See you all soon!


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