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Three Year’s Together

This post is rather late, but I feel it is important to write about! On the 1st of February 2013, Tyler and I made it official. We decided to solidify our relationship and become partner’s. It seems like it was yesterday to me if I am honest, the time has gone so quick, but on reflection we have now been together over three years and engaged for a good portion of that time. It is amazing to think but I have been in a relationship with one of my best friends for that long.

On the first of February this year we decided to get out of Brighton and head off to London for the day to celebrate.


We had made the decision late the night before and threw caution to the wind. We got a 241 voucher booklet and headed straight for London Dungeons.

A photo Tyler took of the Dungeon's entrance

This was something that Tyler had been wanting to do for a while and I was definitely up for it. We were quite lucky when we arrived, a show was about to start and so we slipped straight in and began to take part.

The dungeon’s themselves were fantastic, the actors played their part’s really well and I felt immersed in the show of it all. We did have some issues with the first ride going backwards (which Tyler can’t do without throwing up) and as a consequence we ended up going backstage. They were surprised we were cool with going backstage and I explained that I have a background in theatre and love the backstage element of shows, especially live performances like there.

There was an issue of misgendering while there and it did make things awkward but there was full apologies given.

At the end of the dungeon’s you end up in a ‘bar’ where you can buy souvenirs and drinks. You are given a coin as you go in which you can either trade for a drink or keep. Tyler and I decided to keep ours, and while we sat finishing them off four staff members suddenly appeared. They gave us each another drink and a tankard (which they sell there) as an anniversary present. It was so lovely of them!

Look at these! The grey cup is one of the Tankard's we were given

Once we were done at the Dungeon’s we went on a little wander and made our way to Leicester Square. It was there we spoke to the man operating the on the day ticket sales. It turned out a lot of the shows we had debated going to were too expensive to justify for the day, but one show was within our reach and with fantastic seats. The man assured us there was stuff in it for us both to enjoy and I paid for the tickets to Miss Saigon then and there. For a full review, see play 2 on my post here.

Before going to the show, we went to go and find somewhere to eat. It took a little deliberation, we walked around Covent Garden market for a while, but we went with one of our favourite places in the end and ate at Wagamamas! It certainly did not disappoint and our food was delicious as usual.

Delicious food as per usual!

When the show was over, the pair of us slowly made our way home via London Victoria food court (we were hungry again by this point). It would not have been a bad thing if we had forgone this last part however, as we were the last people to be served and ended up with cold food. It really wasn’t worth the trek up the escalator’s.

We didn’t get home until gone midnight and collapsed in bed, passing out very soon after. It was a great day and Tyler and I agreed we needed more days out of Brighton, but perhaps not all of them to London as it is just exhausting.

How about you, readers? Have you had any big events happen in your life lately? What about trips to big busy cities? Let me know in the comments, I always reply to whatever is written!


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  1. Very engaging! I’d love to hear more about London. I’m just a girl from the country in the United States. No big cities, just a simple lifestyle. You can read about my journey on my blog at I’m working on getting some readers but want the overall thing to be more of an advice column.

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