Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful: My Return

I haven’t taken part in this for so long! With my return to blogging however I thought it only right to rejoin this wonderful setup. Here are my ten things of thankful this week!


Yesterday was a good day. Well a fantastic day really. Tyler and I went to London for his first Charing Cross appointment and those who have him on Facebook will already know the good news, but he hasn’t blogged about it yet (I will update here when he has to explain just why I am so thankful for the NHS). Tyler got his referral for top surgery! Go read his blog post all about it, Tits and The City!

My new job
It’s great to know I have a more stable job now. I am in a position with regular hours, and I find it a lot better than being in domiciliary care (as I discussed yesterday). 

My mum
She’s helped me so much and I am lucky to have her in my life. Thanks mum!

The all you can eat place. It is just amazing and so worth the money.

P0J0/guy on the tube
P0J0 is a guy I know from the internet, who runs loads of pages such as the Best of Tumblr, and who owns Homo’s, Hetero’s and a Whole Lot More which Tyler and I help run. He’s also obsessed with comics and I have been debating reading some for a while. A guy on the train was reading some on his tablet yesterday and I thought fine, I will try it. I am waiting for Hawkeye to download now! (Any other suggestions welcome)

Rat Queen’s
This was the first comic I read this morning. It is fantastic and has such good queer friendly, gender role smashing character’s.

Harry Potter
I am always thankful for Harry Potter, but none the less because it is a great topic of communication. I have been having a great chat with someone lately about the Hallows and our favourite characters.

My Diploma in Health and Social Care
One thing I love about my new job is already I have been entered in to do my level two Diploma in Health and Social Care. I have found it really useful already, with it helping me to work out just what I want to do with my life.

Time by myself
I hate being lonely and bored, as I mentioned in my mental health update, but time by myself is good too. I got the chance to listen to the radio, read some comic’s and also do a little work.

Tidying up
Finally I found my work badge, two weeks after losing it. Of course I also managed to lose it within one week of getting it too….. But hey ho it is found now due to the wonders of tidying up an area that all of the bits were put when normally tidying up!


Tell me what you are thankful for! Join the link up here or comment below! Thanks for visiting my blog, and sorry again for my absence!


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