My Trans Masculine Alphabet

I thought it might be time for a little fun post today, and I decided to write the alphabet in terms of FTM Transition. It is by no means all of the words that come up with each letter, I had many duplicates, but these are the ones I decided were best. Some of them are a little loosely linked, so if you can think of a better replacement please let me know in the comments!


A – Alpha Male
A common thing for a lot of guys (especially early on in social transition) is the idea that you have to be the alpha male. Newsflash: you don’t!

B – Binding

While not everyone binds, a large proportion of trans masculine people do. Most people in the community understand the struggle.

C – Coming Out
One of the key points in any person’s transition, the coming out. Be it the initial disclosure or one of the many times after. Even in terms of coming out once you are completely ‘passing’.

D – Drag
A lot of people do drag, often before coming out but also after. These can be any kind of drag. King or Queen, or super androgynous. I have seen some fantastic drag acts!

E – Education
One thing we all face is education, be that of others or ourselves. Nevermore than when you are trans. Educating yourself on safety, hormones, surgery, etc. Educating others on what it means to be trans, why they should use the right pronouns and why they shouldn’t dead name you. It’s a massive part of being trans.

F – Flag
This one is pretty simple, but in what other ways do we show our pride? I love waving it in the parade!

G – Gender Identity
Our gender identity is a complex thing but something that is good to know about or accept.

H – He/Him/His
Male pronouns! That feeling when someone starts to use the right ones is amazing.

I – Intersex
Not wholey related to trans masculine people alone, but there is the intersex community within ours which is important to acknowledge and include.

J – Jock Strap
For those of us who pack, a jock strap is great! I really need to get myself one.

K – Kinsley Scale
A loosely related one. But this is something a lot of trans masculine people look at when figuring out their gender and their sexuality. Although they are different things, it is often common to question both at the same time.

L – Lesbian (no)
I am a man, I AM NOT A LESBIAN.

While this statement might not be something all people agree with for themselves, as a general rule, if someone is a binary trans man, and they are attracted purely to females, they are NOT a lesbian. They are straight unless they tell you otherwise.

M – Masculine
Most trans people question their masculinity vs. their femininity at some point or another. I completely understand a lot of people’s hatred for the term trans masculine. I just can’t think of a better term.

N – Name
This is my name. It is who I am. Do not use an old name unless I give you permission.

O – Out
Being out is something not everyone has the pleasure of. I have a lot of respect for those who are unable to be out, and those who are out in places they may otherwise not be safe.

P – Pronouns and Passing
I mentioned it above but pronouns are sooooo important to most people. Please respect them. Ask for them if you aren’t sure, don’t assume!

Q – Queer
Not a word everyone likes but personally I love it. Being queer is a part of my identity. A lot of non binary people I know tend to use it.

R – Recording our voice
It is such a cliché, but just think about the amount of YouTube videos of those people comparing their voice on testosterone.

“This is my voice x months/years on T.”

S – Stealth
Some people are able to be stealth, meaning that their trans identity is completely hidden. I am stealth at work and it can be an interesting situation to be in.

T – Testosterone


The one thing a lot of trans masculine people aim for. The thing that allows for voice changes, beard growth and more!

U – Underwear
I found this to be one of the most frustrating parts, especially as I pack. I prefer to pack in my underwear and finding out the best boxers or briefs to stick my dick in can be complicated!

V – V-Neck shirts
The bane of a lot of guys life! That binder sitting above the line, the slight cleavage showing, they are just infuriating at times!

W – Weight lifting
So many people go straight to this to try and use the easier muscle growth that comes with testosterone. Some also use it pre-t to try and bulk up.

X – XX Chromosome
Those blasted chromosomes that have gotten in the way of a lot of us, and that come up in argument’s ALL OF THE TIME.

Y – Y Chromosome
Life could have been so much easier had I been born with one of these, but instead I am here to embrace my double X.

Z – Zie pronouns
Finally with pronouns, respect for non binary ones such as Zie and Hir. They are common, go learn them!

I hope you all liked this article, regular posting will resume shortly, I am currently working on my 2 years on Testosterone post and that should be up very soon.


3 thoughts on “My Trans Masculine Alphabet”

  1. On the kinsey scale: before I started taking T, I was pretty sexually flexible, but was a 6 with never having been physical with a female. Since starting it, I’m more or less into women…very interesting sexual and romantic history, it makes my cis-het friends go bonkers! 😀

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