CUBOT H1, Battery From Heaven

I have mentioned to a few people in the past that I would love to get into reviewing things, such as technology, for the blog for a while now and I just haven’t got around to it. A few weeks ago however I received my second new phone of the year (I managed to break the other one within a month), and I figured there was no better way to start reviewing tech than using something I already own!

This post today is dedicated to the wonderful battery boss that is the CUBOT H1.


I ordered the H1 from Amazon on Friday 30th October. I was hoping to get it on prime for Saturday but for whatever reason they weren’t due to be delivered till Monday. Not a big deal for me, I went with it and eagerly awaited my package. I had used a CUBOT previously, the X15, which I did really like. I had a few issues with it crashing when it got too hot and losing all power, but other than that it seemed okay. I decided rather than change brands, I would give them another shot. The company had come highly recommended from another techy friend of mine and I had been debating between the X15 and the H1 for a while before purchasing anyway. I took the X15 falling on the road and shattering without insurance to be a sign that the H1 was what I needed.

First impressions
When it arrived I was like a kid at Christmas. I picked it up from the Amazon locker and went home as soon as I could. It didn’t take me long to unwrap and I was as gentle as possible when I got it out. There was a bit of confusion with the sims, it is a dual sim phone and only one (the second sim slot) is micro-sim sized, the other is regular. I panicked for a bit as my own is micro, then I decided to just try the second slot and it worked a charm. It had nothing on the paperwork to suggest it didn’t matter either way, but I am glad I tried it.

It was fairly easy to assemble, once I had the sim in the right place, and I quickly turned it on.

On first glance it isn’t much. I noticed straight away that the screen covers the majority of the front of the device, I love this as it means there is so little space wasted.

The phone is quite large, 5.5″ in total, and having chosen the black version it is arguably dull in looks. The casing is plastic which doesn’t bother me, though I know is a turn off for a lot of techies, I like it because it means the phone is fairly light. It is quite large in the hands though, which is one of the only draw backs for me personally, my partner has stated they wouldn’t want it for that reason alone.

Another visual element is the speaker at the back of the phone. It is across the entirety of the bottom of the device. I like this as it means that there is a fuller sound and it is more balanced than if it was on one side only.

The phone has some impressive stats. It has a 720p display (less than the X15 but not so much that I was concerned) meaning the display is 1280 by 720 pixels. This may not be the best for the screen size (something higher could have looked more impressive) but I think on first impressions and indeed after having a play with it this last two weeks it seems to be unnoticeable as a flaw.

The buttons and charger port I found a little different to get used to.

The headphone jack is in the normal place for most phones (top right) but the charger port is actually just next to it on the left of the top of the phone. I found this really odd at first, being used to chargers at the bottom but now I actually really like it! Having it at the top means the cable isn’t bent as often when I charge and play at the same time, it is easier to access and the phone cable reaches further. Plus I don’t get the awful cramped little fingers when I am holding the phone with the charger in at the bottom (though maybe that’s just me).

The buttons I found a bit odd at first too. They aren’t obviously marked and fit seamlessly into the design of the phone (which is nice), but when it is in the rubber case that came with it it can be a little fiddly. I am used to it now though and don’t struggle much.

The menu, home and back keys are touch buttons with backlight on the H1 which can take a bit to get used to if you aren’t already but again it was an easy adjustment. The backlight on them is pretty good, very bright, and comes on I find at good times and not too often (though stays on for the duration of phonecalls which is slightly odd but causes no issues I have run into as yet).

Screen quality
One thing I love about new phones is seeing the bright screen and the H1 was no different on this. I was momentarily blinded by the phone but it didn’t last long. The OS fired up quickly and I was away.

Inside the phone
Unlike a lot of other phones (including the X15), my service provider was found instantly with no tinkering of manual settings (I am on giffgaff which can cause some issues with getting mobile internet set up). I am not a massive fan of the default Android system, or indeed the CUBOT version, so instead of playing with it too much I quickly downloaded my favourite launcher – Smart Launcher Pro 3. Then came the other apps too.

The phone boasts a large 16GB internal storage (some of which is obviously taken up by the OS) and has the support for a microSD storage card up to 32GB.

5,200 mAh! I was shocked to read this, this wasn’t possible, surely! But wow it is good.

On Saturday I went out having not been able to charge my phone overnight (it wasn’t plugged in). I left the house at 10.15am and I had 48% battery. I returned at around 6.30pm with still 15% and it didn’t go flat until just after 8pm! I was amazed! Never before have I experienced such good battery life. Also this wasn’t on small usage, I was taking photos, using the internet and sending texts all day at a convention. Usually on my old phone that sort of battery and usage would go within an hour or so and I’d have to be using my portable charger already.

The image quality is amazing when viewed and even photos come out very sharp. I can turn the phone and there is little to no delay for the display to catch up. The cameras are 8MP on the front and 12MP on the rear. I have found that the rear obviously takes better photos but both can get some impressive shots in the right lighting (low light photos are of lesser quality). There is also the HDR toggle button when taking pictures to produce a higher quality image which is great as long as the subject and yourself are still.



Final thoughts
– Wonderful battery
– Great screen
– Fast speeds
– HDR camera setting

– Size in my hand
– Ability to slip out of my hand without a case

Make the case slightly less slippery and we would be on to a winner!

To get this phone from Amazon, click here!


What are your thoughts?

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