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Musical Monday: Mental Health

This is actually the final in my Musical Monday’s series (for now anyway) and it seaway’s on quite well to my next series of Mental Health Monday’s, which will be running alongside Therapy Thursday. The difference between the two is Monday’s will discuss mental health as a general, linking in with other topics, and Thursday will discuss my personal mental health, how I am feeling and such.

Today I am talking about how Mental Health is influenced by Music and how it can help or hinder someone’s mood.


I find music to be such a wonderful tool for my own mental health and I know I am not alone in that. For example, on Saturday I was randomly feeling low and my head wasn’t playing ball at all. I sat on the bus on the way home and I was in such a foul mood, I tried to get my Spotify to work. Issue was my internet just wouldn’t play along and I was quickly starting to get closer to a panic attack, of which I haven’t had one in quite some time. I knew I needed to listen to music to help me as a quick solution and rather than finding something that would fit the situation (I find certain music helps in certain scenarios, but more on that in a moment) I just had to play something.

All I have on my phone is a few musical soundtracks. This wasn’t anywhere near what I wanted but I was desperate and I stuck the Billy Elliott cast recording on at full volume. It was strange but a feeling of relief and relaxation spread across my body instantly. I was listening to ‘Expressing Yourself’ on full and it was perfect.

The bus journey was around 20 minutes and when I got in and had more stable signal, I switched on Spotify again and went to my acoustic songs playlist. I listened to music from then for the next few hours until I was no longer alone.

I know that is a little anecdotal and not overly factual but I know I am not the only one who finds music helps just from speaking to friends and family. Lifehacker has also done two different posts on the topic.

Personally I pick a music that fits the mood. So if I am trying to wake up and my head is in a bit of a slump, I will listen to really upbeat, loud songs. If I am on a bit of a manic and need to calm down I will listen to songs with slower beats, more mellow tunes. It really depends on the situation at the time.

How about you? Do you have a playlist you listen to when you are feeling less than par? How about when you need to relax? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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