Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful: Resting Week

Hello and welcome to my second blog post of the day! Aren’t you lucky? This one is for my other regular weekend linky, Ten Things of Thankful!


The brisk wind in the morning is my first thing I am thankful for this week, it is potentially an odd thing to be thankful for but my god does it help wake me up! I have been falling asleep on the bus on the way to work and this really helps to wake me up once I get off. A slap to the face, the cold air forces me awake and ready for my clients.

If the cold air hasn’t been enough through, my Waitrose Tea helps to do the job. I go in there after my first client and hand over my card, get given a cup and voilà, one trip to the machine and I have one steaming hot cup of tea. Beautiful.

Now the Cats have been so damn adorable this week it hasn’t even been fair. I have been getting up for work in the morning and nearly missing my bus because of how cute they are. They demand fuss from me (which I know is mostly cupboard fuss but they don’t get fed until Tyler is up and they know it) and are just all around adorable. Then when I get in from work I get so many cuddles it makes the work day worth it just for that.

Aldi have pulled through another wonderful thing this week. I found out they have cat food in our local one! Praise the money god(s), it was wonderful! 39p a can and it wasn’t their super cheap stuff either. On top of the cans of cat food though I also got a load of human food to see us through until Wednesday (Tyler’s payday) and it all came to just under £13. That place is wonderful.

As part of going there, they have so many vegetables that are 39p. Because of that we have found it so easy to have meatless meals lately. Meat can get expensive and for a while we had no can opener so even tinned meat posed an issue. Now we have got one though we are still having largely meatless meals throughout the week. It is so much cheaper than buying meat and just as tasty, and potentially healthier as the meat we can afford is cheap and processed!

Work features in my TToT this week as I was in the office for a good few hours on Thursday and I finished my workbook! This book was 85 questions long and required to pass my probation (which is up on the 11th November, marking 3 months on the job). I was so relieved to finally finish it. Plus while I was there they got me to man the phones while the office staff had to switch over who was at a networking event, which was great fun and added an extra hour of pay onto my time sheet!

As much as I do love work though, time off has been amazing. I haven’t worked a weekend recently due to annual leave and general weekends off and it has been great. Add that on to my Wednesday’s off it has been fantastic. I have really needed the rest and the chance to spend more time with Tyler.

He is actually my next thing on the list too, Tyler has been wonderful lately putting up with my rubbish. He is great, and even though while I write this he is snoring next to me, and he kept me awake last night on my last day before going back to work, it was more like pay back and I don’t begrudge him for it as I’ve been keeping him awake all the time. Plus you can’t hate this cutie.


My blog finally reached 50 posts! This is my 51st, and wow have I been pleased with my blog this week. I have had (at the time of writing) 722 views this week which is the most I have had in ages! My blog post Being Stealth vs. Being Open has become my most viewed post and I have loved being able to log on and know people are actually interested in what I am writing. So thank you to everyone who reads my blog! You are my final thing I am thankful for this week (well the final thing on this list anyway).

So you know what I am thankful for, what about you? Tell me some things in the comments or head over and join the linkup, it’d be awesome to see you there!



11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: Resting Week”

  1. I also love that cold slap in the face. It can be just the thing sometimes.
    Love cats. Mine is beyond adorable too.

    It is nice to know people are visiting and reading. I am off to read your most viewed post right now.

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  2. It is so fun to see that people are reading the things you write. I’m past 700 posts, and I still get a lift when someone comments.

    Aldi is growing bigger and bigger here in the states. My grandma has been shopping there for years and years, but it’s only recently that it’s really hitting its stride. New stores are popping up all over the place.

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  3. Well, hello there! I don’t know how I’ve missed you all this time (I was a bit absent from TToT for a while recently) but I’m so pleased to see you here. Congrats on passing the 50 post mark on your blog! I think it’s all those little milestones that keep us going sometimes. Your partner and kitty are so super cute. I can see why they made your list. I’m so looking forward to reading your post in a couple weeks when your probationary period at work is over (I went through one when I started my current job 8 years ago and it was excrutiating). Good for you for eating less and less meat! I gave it up a year and a half ago and I’ve never felt better or eaten so many delicious meals in my life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha it is all good! Thank you very much. They are aren’t they? I swear they almost always make the list now haha. Next week I will hopefully be able to put in a photo of the other Kitty too.
      I am looking forward to being post probation, though I have been told there shouldn’t be any concerns for me actually passing which is awesome.

      I do love meat but I am so not against eating without it. Hopefully it may do me some good!

      Thank you so much for your comment I look forward to seeing you around 🙂

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