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Therapy Thursday: My First Week on Prozac

On this blog I post about a variety of things and I have decided that I am going to dedicate Thursday’s as my day to post about my own mental health, something this blog was originally intended for. Once Musical Monday’s has run it’s course (it was only intended as a short term thing) that will become Mental Health Monday’s, where I will discuss all things relating to mental health in a broader sense.


I have been going through therapy of some kind or another for quite a while now, more recently this has taken the form of weekly to fortnightly sessions at one of my groups with a therapist who is amazing.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would be starting on new medication soon and on the 13th of October I started my dosage. I am taking one pill of 20mg every night. As part of the blog series, I want to see if I am changing at all. I am going to ask others for outside observations too to go along with this as I am notoriously bad at picking up on my attitude until it is too late.

Today marks one week and two days since I started taking the medication and personally I haven’t felt many changes. I haven’t had too many down days, though some times have been worse than others. I know it is early on though so do not expect too much to change yet.

After speaking to Tyler, he explained that he had noticed that I had been more snappy than normal. I have been doing this without noticing, replying to things in a more aggressive way. I didn’t realise this and I have apologised for this multiple times, but so far I can’t seem to stop myself from doing it. In addition to this I have also been more emotional than normal (more tears and such). When I went on Testosterone, I got less emotional which was something I was quite grateful for. Now I am going the other way I am not quite sure how to feel.

I have been talking to my counsellor about it all and she agreed that writing about it could be good for me. Here’s hoping that it is right and it will be. We will see!

I know this post hasn’t been long, but hopefully next week I will have a bit of a better update to give you and I may put a little more in about my mental health in general!

Now how about you? Have you ever taken prozac? Or been to therapy? If you are up to it, please do tell me about your experiences in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Therapy Thursday: My First Week on Prozac”

  1. I’m actually seeing a therapist who is very good and helping me to come to terms with so many things from childhood trauma of being trans from an early age and its long term effects including deep depression. I’ve always resisted medication as I’m terrified about addiction and the effect the drug will have on my state of being. Therapy does seem to be working as I’m able to banish suicidal thoughts extremely well now. I wish there had been more tolerance and decent therapy for trans people 34 years ago when I first tried to get help. An exceptional councillor makes a world of difference. Its great to be happy and comfortable with being trans because it never goes away.

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    1. Having a good counsellor is fantastic. It has taken me a while to get a decent one that works for me but now I have I am pleased. I have found it hard to get one as a trans person who doesn’t either completely ignore the trans stuff or focus solely on it.

      I am glad to hear it is working out for you. It is so valuable. I can understand your thoughts with medication, I felt the same for a long time and it is a perfectly valid view to have. Xx


  2. I was on and off different doses of Prozac for a while. There were times it helped and times it didn’t. My general rule for new medication is to give it at least 2 months before deciding to come off it for whatever reason. By then you should have a clear idea of whether it will help and the side effects should start to wear off. Hope this goes well for you!

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  3. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2013. I was then put on Prozac 20mg. I was also on Abilify (Aripiprazole) to help me sleep at night. The problem was I could not handle the side effects so I had to be put on an antidote, Benzhexol to help me cope. The problem I had with the medication was the tremors and they would never really help with anxiety, in fact, it got worse. And I spent two to three hours every morning at work to try calm my nerves. Sometimes I’d had to go to the bathroom and cry. I had sessions with a therapists but I soon stopped. I got off meds as well. Been looking for other ways to deal with my anxiety and depression. Some days I’m good, other days are really dark. The most important thing is to take a day at a time, and knowing when you need extra help. Oh, and keep writing!

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