Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wednesday Hodgepodge: Back to the Future

Welcome readers! Today is another installment of Wednesday Hodgepodge. This time it is themed around Back to the Future as today is the day!


1. October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day. Did you see the movie? The sequels? In the second film, Doc takes Marty into the future to prevent Marty’s future son from making a mistake. They leave 1985 and land on a ‘skyway’ on October 21st, 2015. So tell us, what were you doing in the fall of 1985?
I love back to the future! I have the DVD trilogy and I would like to sit down and watch it all today! I love it so much. The fall of 1985 though? I was -9 years old so not a lot!

2.  If time travel were possible, would you want to go to the future? The past?
I’d like to do both. Just to see different things. There are a few bits I wouldn’t mind stopping happening when I was younger but then I’d not be where I am today if I hadn’t gone through everything growing up.

3. We’re not flying cars, but some of the technology imagined in the 80’s film has indeed come to pass in real life 2015-flat screen TVs on the wall, tablets, fingerprint recognition, video conferencing, online banking, 3-D movies, motion controlled video games, drone cameras, and smart glasses (Google glass).  Do you worry technology is growing at a rate so fast we’ll soon be unable to keep up with it’s demands? Do you think the Internet does more harm than good?
I think that is a potential future situation. We could easily get to that point if we aren’t careful. But I love technological advances so for me it is all exciting.

I am not going to be naïve, the internet does a lot of harm. But I think that is outweighed by the good it does. We can connect with and see people on the other side of the globe for free in seconds, type a search in Google and find out answers in moments, you can do virtually anything from a computer or smart phone now!

4. Your favorite dish prepared in a slow-cooker? Your favorite fast food?
Slow cooked pulled pork. Mmmmmhm. That’s my number one favourite slow cooked meal. As for fast food, probably pizza. It tastes good most of the time and you can either gorge yourself silly or have breakfast/dinner for the next day! It’s great!

5. No time like the present, down time, face time, pressed for time, in the nick of time, make time, mark time, or just in time…which timely saying most relates to your life right now?
Make time. I am struggling to make time to do everything right now as all I want to do is work or sleep. Or both.

6. Tell us about a place you went as a child or younger person that’s no longer there or is now something else. How does that make you feel?
My nursery/play group. It is now a new housing estate. It feels kind of strange as I know no more children will go there. I did enjoy it there though. Before bullying properly began.

7. Describe your comfort zone.
Staying in bed as long as humanly possible each day, maybe playing a game on my laptop. Snuggles with Tyler.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am doing NaNoWriMo! That’s right! I am writing 50k words in November! Add me as a buddy on the website if you are also taking part I am KaisLifeinWords.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge: Back to the Future”

  1. I can’t believe I didn’t think about pizza. Definitely my favorite fast food! Good luck with the November challenge! I am sort of taking part in one this month : ) I’ve skipped some of the prompts and done my own thing some days, and I don’t blog on Sundays. I do love the way these challenges jump start my writing though…they’re good exercise!

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    1. You should! I think I have my novel planned now, or at least an outline. I just need to actually do it now! I am thinking I will dedicate one day a week in November to blogging about NaNo and try and keep my usual blog days going alongside it. We will see.

      Thank you very much! 🙂


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