Ten Things of Thankful – Coming Out

I seem to have done a theme now twice in a row! I don’t do it intentionally but hey ho!

Today is National Coming Out Day. Also the anniversary of when myself and Tyler announced our engagement two years ago. I thought it only fitting that today my TToT was themed around my coming out. So naturally it isn’t all about this week, it’s about things I am thankful for in general.


1. Tyler
I can’t let this list go anywhere without saying how thankful I am that I came out and found such an amazing guy at the same time. I met Tyler at a trans youth group, we were both new that day and both quiet to begin.

I had never been to an LGBT service for myself before, only as a representative of the youth cabinet at an opening for an event a month previous.

It was because of this group, and the fact I made a mistake with gameshow titles when I explained where I got my name from, that I met my wonderful fiancé and have spent these last two and a half years with him.

A photo of the two of us at our friend's place this week

2. My family
It hasn’t been easy for them to get their heads around, being gay would be one thing. Being trans was mind blowing to some of them.

It was hard, sure, but they are trying their damn hardest and I now have some pretty useful allies. I love my family alone for not kicking me out, as happens to so many LGBT youth, especially trans ones.

3. My friends from ‘before’
I have had some of you stay in my life regardless, and others have reconnected after times apart, but I am thankful for all of the friends who have accepted me for me. Thank you all.

4. FTM Brighton
FTMB has been a rock for myself and Tyler since we joined in March 2013. Now we both work to make it better for new members and run amazing events. In particular from FTMB I am thankful for Ed and Charlie. Thank you for being amazing!

5. Clare Project
This group is fantastic. Sure there are issues but there are everywhere! 15 years this week it has been around and it has helped so many people in that time.

6. The queer community
It is always at the forefront of everything, there are always people to talk to and always interesting conversations to be had. Also another thing in the community is there is always someone there to offer support if you are having an awful day. It is wonderful.

7. My employers
This goes to all of my employer’s post coming out. They haven’t been the most trans aware, sure, but they have been respectful and not outed me (to my knowledge). I am impressed by it as it worries me every time.

8. People who stand up for me
It’s a simple thing to be thankful for, but those people who let me take a break from education. Who, when someone misgenders me or refuses to acknowledge my gender, they take the wheel for me and steer the conversation. I am grateful of that, I really am. I don’t always have the spoons to educate each time.

9. Nice ‘n’ Naughty (Brighton)
This store is so good for trans people! They stock trans related products such as packers, breast forms and various other bits. It is really fantastic and the staff are super supportive and aware, plus if they ever don’t know something, they listen! They even write stuff down!

10. Everyone I am close to
Just as a general basically. I am just so thankful for all of my friends and family!


Thank you for reading! To see more thankful posts, go here and see the linkup, you could even join yourself! (Link changes every week)


6 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – Coming Out”

  1. I think of transgender issues as the final frontier for people like myself, who work at becoming aware and respectful of everyone. I like the new world we’re heading towards, but that doesn’t always happen automatically. It comes with getting to know new people – whether in person or through the internet – and working to be open-minded. That said, I can imagine it would get trying at times to have to explain yourself and educate people such as myself.


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