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Musical Monday: Musical Memories

This weeks edition of Musical Monday is an alliteration! I want to talk about the ways music affects memories and how you can link one song to a moment in time and next thing you know, you have something to remember that has it’s own soundtrack


Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

This song resonates with me as it was the song I listened to when I was being bullied loads at school. It stuck with me even now. I was always bullied for my looks and it was always on the radio at the same sort of time in the morning. It seriously upped my confidence.

Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

This one actually reminds me of a book. The Uglies ‘trilogy’ (of four books) is a futuristic series that I really enjoy and there is a particular chapter where the main character explores what is called the ‘Rusty Ruins’. This is the remainder of what our generation left behind. I just happened to listen to this song, lying in my loft bed at my first home. I then forever have linked it!

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Okay I loved this anyway but, when Tyler and I first got together, we had a prom for the lgbt+ youth group we attended. After, we ended up in a local bar. We danced a little then next thing you know, Love Story came on. I was just dancing with my arms around him from behind and I sang into his ears, changing the lyrics to masculine things. For example, “You’ll be the Prince and I’ll be the other Prince,” it was fantastic!

Dead Memories by Slipknot

Another easy one really, it is ironic considering the title. But this is another of our songs.

Vacation by Simple Plan

The first song that got me into one of my favourite bands! I love them so much, and this song itself wasn’t particularly amazing compared to their others but once I found them I fell in love!

Gone Too Soon by Simple Plan

This one reminds me of a character I had on PottersWorld (the roleplay site I have mentioned before). He had just lost his childhood sweetheart at an event that he would have been at – had he not cheated on her and got someone else pregnant! There was a lot of angst and upset, and it was just the perfect song to fit.

So how about you? What Musical Memories do you have? I am doing next week’s post (hopefully on time) based on your memories! Comment some or message me and let me know about them. If you are happy to be included in the post, I will credit you!


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