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Musical Monday: What Music Means to Me

This post was requested by my best friend Gemma who has featured in a few of my Ten Things of Thankful. She spotted my love of music and wanted me to wite about it. Now, I took that brief and saw just how big the brief was and when I broke it down I realised I could write a mini series! So stay tuned, for I am going to begin my series of Music Monday’s!

The first is sort of an overview and will contain links to all of the others as they are written. In brief the title covers it, what does music mean to me?

Musical Monday’s Masterlist!
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My taste in music is varied to say the least, I have been known to listen to Eminem and Enya in the same sitting before, and I find this helps me as I find music can be good for every setting. No matter what is going on, there is a song for that.

Growing up I have been bullied a lot and music has helped, in fsct for a long time there was a song that would come on every day on the radio around the same time and it meant so much and got me through another day. At GCSEs I listened to Eminem for maths, music is really powerful for memory.

That is something that amazes me, how strongly linked senses are to memories, I have some which I can remember through smell, some through taste and some through a song or a phrase. It is phenomenal.

As much as memory is a big part of links with music, as is emotional wellbeing.

I find music allows me the chance to change my mood. If I am feeling awful, it can really perk me up. One minute I can be really down but one blast of a strong beat can change me completely. Similarly, if I need to calm down from a high, I stick on a calming song and turn it up loud enough that I start to sync with it and chill out.


Music also offers escapism. Now, that can be found in different mediums, music, video games, books, theatre, and more. I do experience it in all of those, but music is the quickest. I just need a good pair of headphones or earphones and a loud song or two, and I am away. Sitting on the bus, in a park, anything. It is quick and easy to escape, which can be great if you are having a sensory overload or just need to think. Close your eyes, blast a song, and either think or stop thinking (whichever you need at that point in time).

Music is proven to be a fantastic thing by science too. Music has the ability to help people recover from chronic pain, it is used as a form of therapy, as it can help people feel more relaxed and in control of pain and their bodies in general. It is fantastic for young developing minds – both in the womb and out. Studies have shown that if a pregnant person listens to music, it has an effect on the foetus, which when born the child is more susceptible to learning and are more likely to have a higher IQ, especially if they then carry on listening to music growing up and even playing instruments. It can help with speech and language development in positive manners, and it’s even used during surgery to complement anesthetic and post-op to manage pain.

This is just a small selection of reasons for my loving music. It is just such a wonderful thing, I don’t know why more people don’t harness it’s powers.

Keep an eye on my blog this time next week for another Musical Monday post!


What are your thoughts?

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