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Ten Things of Thankful On the Bus

It’s that time of the week again! Once more it has been… interesting, but it was slightly easier to think of ten things this time! I hope you enjoy my list this week, even if some is repeats it is all genuine.


1. Aldi
The food is so damn cheap! It is wonderful! I managed to do a whole fortnight’s human food shopping on £20 this week. You can’t complain at that really, and it isn’t just bad stuff, I got so many vegetables and 5kgs of potatoes (for like £2.28!).

They also do some amazing own brand wheat biscuits  (weatabix style) that are perfect for breakfast.

2 & 3. Bebo & Teto
They feature often I know. But after last night I have to include them again.

I got in yesterday night and they started shouting to be let out within a minute (they live in the front room) and naturally I allowed it as they hadn’t seen me all day. I had Teto on me first wanting fuss and the tap to be run, then I went back into the bedroom. Bebe is normally quiet as anything, he will occasionally make a sound but not much.

I was greeted with the most adorable squeaks and him running to me and flopping down for fuss. It was the cutest thing and any frustration I had before then quickly disappeared.

These boys are so damn adorable. It just isn’t fair.

4. Buses
I feel like I spend most of my life on buses, even most of my blog posts are written on them (including this one). It isn’t a negative thing now though as I’m used to it. I actually kind of enjoy the bus, it gives me chance to think, and – in the case of my music player not working/being on – it gives me chance to people watch and hear about people’s lives without them realising  (something I know I let people do to me and I don’t realise at the time.

I have learnt some interesting stuff this way!

Rainy bus selfie! The weather is awful today!

5. Gemma
Last week Gemma was in the friends thankful bit, but this week she gets one to herself. Gemma is just fantastic.  She has been there for me for ages now but in particular this week, now Tyler has gone away, Gemma has told me to contact her at any point I need her and I think I may have to take her up on it! We already had a two hour skype call!

It is the SOFFA’s meeting tonight and I am really looking forward to this. I miss the group people and this month it is even more cool with more friends coming along. This is also one of the few FTMB meetings I have been to without Tyler.

7. Virginia
Virginia is my councellor and she is great. Her understanding of trans issues really helps and means that, unlike past councellors, she is able to help me work on things that do not relate to my transition without asking me if that may be part of my issues. Virginia has helped me a lot already and I am glad I I was recommended to see her.

8. Kalms
While Tyler is away I will have no SSRI’s at all. I brought Kalms a while ago and now I am going to take them when I need help this fortnight as they are herbal. I took one on Tuesday when I got really stressed and it seemed to work so fingers crossed.

The pot I keep my Kalms in when I am going around. I thought it looked cool with this effect!

9. My followers
I wouldn’t still be blogging if it wasn’t for you. The likes, comments, and follows keep me going and remind me that what I am doing is helpful for me and could be for others too. So thank you followers for reading my blog!

10. Blog link ups  (or whatever you want to call them)
I love linkups now and am doing at least 2-3 a week when possible. This being one of them. I find them a great chance to seek out new blogs and a great way to connect. I am actually debating starting a linkup of my own soon on trans posts every Tuesday, so if you are interested in that please do leave a comment or message/tweet me your interest (I will be doing a seperate post on it too).


So that’s my list for this week, how about you? What are you thankful for? Drop a comment on my post or join the link up here! I look forward to reading.



11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful On the Bus”

  1. Hi, Kai, I’m Sarah. Good to see you here at the TToT. I was just talking to Lizzi about Aldi this week. I’ve never been in one, but I hear they’re great.


  2. I adore my pets. I know I talk more about my dogs but I have a little cat too and she is the cutest thing, even when she is hanging from my window screens to get me to let her in for some kibble.


  3. Writing on the bus sounds like a good way to pass the time. Also, people watching (listening in my case) is a great way to learn how to write better dialogue, at least for my writing. Glad you enjoy linking up. So do I actually.


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