Ten Things of Thankful

Ten Things of Thankful: One Hell of a Week

This week was a bit of a mission, and it may be hard for me to think of ten things, but I feel like it is important to think positively. One thing I struggle with a lot when I am really down is positive thoughts, and I have now been off of my medication for over a week and my head is all over the place. Perhaps this may help!


1] Water
I have been drinking so much water at the moment! Cycling really takes it out of me and I find my water bottle is my only salvation. I actually realised the other day that I prefer water to any other drinks and so it seems like a good thing!

Of course, I also managed to pour water down myself this morning while half asleep but I can laugh about it now!

2] Day’s off
This is something I have been needing for a while. Thankfully I have been given a few of late, and this weekend, I got a whole weekend off! I need them at the moment as they give me chance to buy shopping, do housework and generally sleep some more!

3] My tablet
This thing… I can’t even explain how useful it is! I write all of my posts on my tablet, linking up with my mobile hotspot. I use it for nearly everything, and I don’t think that will be stopping any time soon! My mum brought me a tablet for Christmas a year ago and I managed to break it within a month. She then surprised my brother and I with one each for Christmas this year just gone and (touch wood) I still have this one! I am so greatful for it and don’t know what I’d do without it. Probably not blog at least! (Not sure if that would be positive or negative from your point of view as a reader, but I find it great for my own health!

4] Tyler
Again, he has been by my side no matter what this week. I know I have been more insufferable than normal, and it is frustrating me that I know and can’t just stop it straight away. I love him so much, and he has dealt with so much rubbish from me.


5] Pintrest
I have to admit I tried this before and I still have an account, but from looking at the blogging information online, I decided to give it another go. Boy am I glad I did! I have now got a lot of boards and it is still growing. I have found it great for passing time (and procrastinating) and I have actually learnt a lot already.

Check out my blogging boards here.

6] Medication
They say that you never miss something until it is gone and, unfortunately, I feel this is true with my meds too. My citalopram has been stopped now and I am just waiting to start my prozac this week!

7] Aldi
Okay, I never thought that I would include a supermarket in my TToT but this week it has to be done. We have got so much cheap but tasty food out of here this last week it has been fab! Last night Tyler made pasta (Tesco Value) with tomato and herbs sauce (Tesco Value), ginger (Aldi), a tiny clove of garlic (Aldi), and hot dog sausages (Aldi).  It was amazing! I would so eat it again. I am hopefully making my favourite dish today too for lunch, bacon with bacon flavoured scrambled eggs, a few peppers thrown in and then some of the Tomato and Parmesan bread Tyler made last night (again from Aldi, see his review here). I can’t wait!


Then we are having veggie curry for dinner!

8] Finding old things
Yesterday we also had a mad rummage for some batteries, as today we are planning to play on the xBox 360 (the aptly named ‘Widow Maker’ as that is what it does when I am not playing and Tyler is!). As the way would have it, we found loads of old stuff that we had been looking for! Not even all of it had been actively looked for, but it was all useful things to know where they were or get them out and put them in their rightful place. I even found a ruler I have had since I was in maybe year 4 or 5 (for those who don’t know English school years that would have made me between 7 and 9).

In the end we did find a collection of batteries, but who is to say that they are actually workable. We have so many new packs of batteries around, we just can’t find them!

9] Friends
Lately I have been really struggling and my friends have been there for me, and that isn’t just the friends here at home, also my best friend Gemma, who has been messaging with me almost daily recently. I had a long period of time in my life without any friends, and now I have some I am eternally grateful for them. They all mean so much to me and I don’t know where I would be without them.

10] Tea
A very British thing to be thankful for but there you have it. I am so thankful for it right now as it is all that has been keeping me awake at work. I got a myWaitrose card as in the town I work there is a massive store and if you have one of their cards, you get free tea, coffee, latte or capachino every day!

I am not a big coffee drinker, in fact I love the smell but can’t stand the taste, I will have the odd latte, but then that has to be a caramel one and very sweet and sugary. Tea is my go to, I love it so much. Recently I have started to get into Earl Gray (I would have green tea but alas they don’t give that for free) and have found it really gives me a burst of energy.

With the hours I have I don’t know where I would be without my cuppa’s!


So what about you? What are you thankful for this week? Let me know in the comments or join the link up and send me your link! I look forward to seeing them!



10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful: One Hell of a Week”

  1. Things are just harder to deal with when you don’t have friends around. I have felt like that before and know how grateful I am to have the friends I have been lucky enough to keep or gain.
    Sounds like some delicious food you mention here. Food, water, tea are all helpful to get us through the day. I prefer coffee, but kind of miss having a tea expert around.
    Have a good week.


  2. I have never had a sip of coffee. Even the smell does nothing for me. Tea…doesn’t make sense to me. Hot water with a bit of leafy flavor. I’d rather have a cold glass of water. I would not make a very good Brit. 🙂
    Aldi has gotten to be quite popular around here over the last several years. The prices are good!


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