Word of the Week, 13/09/15

I found another link up  this week! It is a little freeer than the last one too, as this one is quite simple. You just think of a word to sum up your week, and write why that is! It took me a little bit of thinking to work out what mine would be, but as soon as I did I knew it was perfect. My word, as you’ll see from the picture, was MESSY.

The definition of messy according to the dictionary

Now before you make any assumptions this isn’t just messy in the physical sense of the word, rather figuratively too. It all began with super long hours at work on Sunday, and all I wanted was a rest. I had a few hours off and I actually ended spending some of that time having a nap in a beautiful park. It was wonderful and actually quite peaceful (except for the screaming kid that kept calling for her sister to follow her down the hill!), I really enjoyed it. I took a few selfies while there too and saw just how good my chest was coming along so that was good!

Some selfies from the field! The popped collar was accidental I promise.

The next few days I was lucky and had shorter days, but Monday I got back and it wasn’t long before we were off out again, to a bid writing workshop. This was for the voluntary groups I work with and looking at how and where we could apply for funding to run projects and/or groups. It was great fun but also draining after work! Tuesday I had a short day again, but this was spent changing around as I had some of my calls changed last minute and I was rushing around. It was okay as I still managed to do everything. But then I went to my group, then rushed around more getting food before an awards ceremony (more on that next week). Even on my day off I had to go out to the doctors.

It was manic and didn’t stop there. More confusion with work on Thursday and Friday, and honestly today I was glad to have the weekend off this week!

It also wasn’t helped by the fact that I have been off of my medications now for over a week and the doctor wants me to wait it out to have my new ones next week. It is difficult, and today in particular has taken a lot out of me. But hopefully it will be worth it, as next I am due to start Prozac (20mgs) and that will be really interesting to see how it goes.

I feel like most of my life is spent on buses now!

So tell me. What word sums up your week? Was it good or bad? Either comment here and let me know, or make a post for yourself! Link it to me in the comments and I will give it a read!

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