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Ten Things of Thankful Revisited

I haven’t done this in a while and honestly I haven’t been feeling like there is much to be thankful for of late. However, today I was walking at work at realised some things of good that have happened this week/these last few weeks and I wanted to share them.

My ten things of thankful image self made

1) The Environment

Okay, I will hold my hands up, I am not the most environmentally friendly person out there. It’s true. But I do enjoy it. Right now I am sitting in a massive park which is full of greenery and I am one of only three people in it. There was a family here earlier, there was three of them and one of them was a small child. They were all running around, playing ball games and generally having fun. It was so sweet to watch.

One thing I do love about my job is the abiliy to walk or cycle down country lanes. At night I am not such a fan, but during the day it is fantastic. The sound of the trees in the breeze, the birds and other animals making noises, the general sense of calm. It is wonderful, even in the rain.

2) Music

On my way too and from work, and sometimes in between clients, I listen to my mp3 player. I find music so good at affecting someones mood (one reason I am going to be changing the music I have on it soon) and generally passing time. I am someone who can not work in complete silence, I need something like music or general noises from my surroundings (right now, it is birdsong and wind). When I am sitting on an old bus which rattles and shakes and does my back a mischief, it is great to be able to just tune into the beat. I can pretend nothing else around me is happening. I find that great. I am so thankful for music and it is one reason I would hate to lose my hearing.

3) Tyler

I have been having a pretty rough time of it recently and this person has been by my side the whole time. We have argued of course, but at the end of the day he has been there for me and given me cuddles. I know he is having a rough time of it to right now, and I wish I could make things better. I just hope at some point that I can return the favour of how much he has done for me. He really does deserve it.

Tyler and I from a photo booth picture we took recently.

4) Cleansing toxic people from my life

There are always people around us, and sometimes this can be bad as well as good. Until recently I was having a negative experience with a connection I had made. They seemed great but as time went on it became aparent that we just didn’t work well together. I said toxic people in this header and I do believe they were a toxic person for me, but that doesn’t mean they are for everyone. I do wish them well, even if we couldn’t get along. But I am thankful that our connection has come to an end as I think it is best for both of us that way.

5, 6 & 7) My clients (three in particular hence 3 things of thankful in one)

I love my job, but it would be nothing if I had awful clients. Sure, I have come across some ratty ones – and even my good ones have bad days. But I have some class a fantastic people I work with. I had yesterday off because I was so exhausted from the work that I was physically unwell. It was not a nice situation to be in and, while I was grateful for the time off, I was missing my clients. I have a few regulars now, and I heard from another carer earlier that one of them actually speaks of me to the other’s. “Kai does it this way… Kai does that…” etcetera. It was really nice to hear. Another new client, who has already thrown some carers out and said he doesn’t want them back, told me today that he is looking forward to seeing me again later as I have “a kind heart” and he likes seeing me. I only met him three days ago. Another, who we’ve been seeing now for around a week, always greets me with a big warm smile. She quickly told me to call her by her first name and I am able to have a laugh with her easily.

Sure, the work is long and my hours are too much right now, but I do love it. I am so thankful to be given such wonderful people with such interesting stories. Some of them are war veterans, another was the assistant to a famous painter who had been knighted and had goodness knows how many letters after his name (he did tell me earlier but I forgot, there was so many). Another worked as an English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) tutor for many years in Brighton and had a team of around 10 staff, of which many still visit her now.

They are just so interesting, and fun to be with.

8) Art

I was lucky enough today to stumble upon some open houses/studios in my breaks between clients. It isn’t like I had to look far, I’ve been walking past the signs for days, but it was the first time they had actually been open when I have gone past.

It was also sadly the last day that they were open, and so I went inside of the two out of three I walked past. I would have made it 3/3 but the last one had a sign saying “I am voting UKIP” or “Proud UKIP Supporter” some tripe like that so I decided like hell was I going in there, I’d probably burst into flames.

The ones I went into were great, and I even got to see the studio of an artist who’s name I have forgotten (will update this if I remember it) who sells his paintings of the local area for thousands of pounds! It was great and fantastic to meet someone who makes that kind of money from painting too. I would have taken photos but I don’t think it would have been allowed somehow! Instead, this was the thick flyer I got in the second place (someone’s home which was fantastic and I got cuddles from her big dog!)

Flyer from the Art Wave exhibitions

9) My bike

I find my bike invaluble. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her at the moment. I have ridden my bike a lot the past few days and it has been fantastic. I have really enjoyed it, even if my legs have protested a bit this morning. I have been up and down one hill today for my clients and I have been traveling with a mix of cycling, walking and one bus journey (not including the journey in because no way am I walking/cycling that!) and I have had time for breaks in between – such as this one!

10) The boys

No I don’t mean just any boys in general, I mean the cats. Bebo and Teto. They don’t see me all day but I still get loads of love from them. They’re getting used to me not being there all day every day now and don’t give me attitude and ignore me when I come back anymore, they just give me love. It’s great

This is the look I don't get! Yay me!

11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful Revisited”

  1. I can appreciate the concept of riding bikes…. lol (that’s an indication of how much ‘actual’ riding of bicycles I do..) looks like they (the people pedaling) are having fun.
    animal companions are pretty much perfect lifeforms… while I am a dog person, I can see that cats are also great non-human family members

    clients appreciating your work? really what it’s all about, at least when it’s a long-term endeavor


  2. I went for a bike ride this week for the first time in a very long time. It really did feel good! Art is something I have been thinking about lately, mainly my need to have a hobby that is creative and not limited by my shaky hands. I’m leaning towards taking up stained glass…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome! Well done on going out there. I adore cycling but until recently I hadn’t been at all. It can be hard at first but wonderful once you pass the pain!

      Good plan! Art is great as it is such an expressive thing that you don’t need to fit a certain standard to be good, there is always something that you can do.

      I look forward to seeing your exploration into art!


    1. It really is. This one in particular was thankfully a mutual removal but it was still hard. Aww. Bebo and Teto say hi back. (Well Teto does, Bebe would probably just glare until he got to know them, he doesn’t play nicely with new animals normally due to his mental health problems).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am fairly new to being a cat owner, but I do like that they are so independent. Compared to my dog, my cat is nothing. I can go away for a few days and he is still rubbing up against my legs when I arrive home again. A sign of love I believe. Glad yours have given you a break and taken it easy on you.


  4. Glad you enjoy your job. Its sounds rewarding and you sound like a people person so what a good match… I miss riding a bike it is a wonderful mode of transport isnt it? Decreasing anything toxic in your own immediate circle is wise… Have a good week , Kai.

    Liked by 1 person

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