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Ten Things of Thankful, a little update on me

I haven’t done this in a while so thought it may be about time! I hope everyone is okay, I have been incredibly busy this past month as I have finally started work! Woot! I wrote a post about it last week, so if you want to check that out, head on over there.

I havent had the best time mentally really atm, so it has been a little difficult to actually think of things, but I find it a useful thing to try and do, so here goes nothing.


1. Work
Okay so it may not have all been plain sailing, yes it may involve lots of early nights and early mornings, yes it may mean that I can’t go to as many groups as I’d like to, but I love it! My employers are incrediby supportive (and sensitive with my transition as I am stealth at work due to the nature of my role), my clients have been great, and – even in this short space of time – I now have a regular who I see almost always daily and often twice a day. I am absoutely loving it!

2. Tyler
He has put up with so much from me recenty I figured he deserved a mention for himself. I havent had the most stable mood lately, due to running out of meds and my head just being a little all over the place, and yes we have argued, we have both snapped at each other, but at the end of the day he is putting up with me and I love him even more for it. Plus I have been a total nightmare with work and my shift pattern so the fact he is still here is amazing!


3. My bus pass
I know it sounds like a strange one but having a weekly bus pass is just amazing. It gives me the option of using any of the Brighton and Hove buses and I can go even to Eastbourne on one! It is great! It makes getting to and around work a lot easier I can tell you. Plus it is cheaper than a train pass, and while it means I have to leave for work slightly earlier each day, it also gives me a lot more freedom.

4. The office and on-call
I can’t even count how many times I have had to phone. Roughly once a day or more at the moment just to check things or let them know different things happening. I know I must be one of the most frustrating people in the world to them but I was told in training that if I ever have an issue, call them. It just so happens that to start with I have had a lot of issues!

5. My laptop
My laptop is getting on. It is over three years old now and breaking physically, to the extent that it cut me the other day, and it is getting rather slow too. But through all of this I am still able to play my PC games on it right now and that helps a lot as it is my go to when I need to just chill. This week I started and finished Portal for the first time and absolutely loved it. I just need to see now if I have Portal 2 in my game library and if so I am going to download that so fast!

6. My tablet keyboard
I find it so helpful. Yes, it is missing a few keys and I should probably replace it soon, but right now it is so much better than using the on screen keyboard, as nothing vibrates! I struggle to type where there is no kind of feedback (i.e. keys pressing down or vibrating on screen) so this helps massively. Plus it means that I can write posts such as this a lot easier.


7. Kinder egg pots
I was told by everyone at work that I would quickly give up on these. That I wouldn’t need to use them and they’d just get in the way. Sure, I may still do just that, but right now they are the most useful thing for me. In training we were shown how we could use empty kinder egg pots to store gloves and aprons. One pair of gloves fits in a pot and an apron does too (though usually it is easier to have them seperate). Now I still dont have many aprons (I just used my last one today and I still have three more clients!) But when I do I plan to fill my pots. It is so helpful as I manage to destroy boxes so easily when they are in my bag and this way it keeps the gloves and aprons sterile, rather than having them roll around in my bag gettting dirty and therefore pointless. I plan right now to keep using them until I find something better.

So on that note if any of my friends have kinder egg pots lying around and you want to donate them to a good cause, send them my way!

8. Twitter
I always forget how useful this tool is. It keeps me updated more than facebook and for the most part you can get the news without the fluff of other people commenting about it. Or at least if they do they dont write a whole monologue. If you want to follow me, my account is @MrKaiMoore.

9. Evernote
I have had to resort to using this to draft my posts in now as my WordPress app is being utterly ridiculous. I use it a lot to take down notes anyway, and organise them into files. I find it really useful when I am at uni because I can tag things along with what the topics are we have covered too and quickly go back to it. It helps massively when writing essays. Plus it is aso great at storing information that I have nowhere else to put it.

10. GoogleMaps
Okay this is a positive and a negative. As I said in my caring post, it does predict that cycling from my main area of work to the villiage just out of the area only takes 30 minutes (liesss!) But it is great at telling me things like when to leave my house in the morning to catch the bus and get my connection. I almost missed my bus this morning but thanks to knowledge from maps that I had learnt I got off a few stops after and managed to catch my connection. Result!

Have you written ten things you are thankful for?  Click the image to link it up to the blog-hop and see other's posts!
Have you written ten things you are thankful for? Click the image to link it up to the blog-hop and see other’s posts! (Link changes every week)

I know I haven’t posted much on the blog lately and largely this is due to my heavy work load (athough it is not enough, the timings restrict me on free time already). However I will be aiming to start posting more regularly. I have been writing a post the last few days on why I am an activist, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and I will link it up here when it is done!


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  1. Confession: I had to google kinder egg pots because I had no idea what you were talking about. I mean I thought I knew what you were talking about but I wasn’t sure…I think I still might not know. ARe you talking about the Kinder egg chocolate? Like the plastic yellow containers?

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